Don't leave it behind.


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Nov 4, 2014
So, I headed up the mountain to do a little goat digiscoping.

Got half way up the mountain and realized, I had left my tripod at home.
Its one thing that is very hard to live without, when digiscoping.

So, I just took a few pics with the regular camera.

But, I did see that funky horned goat again. Luckily it was bedded.
So, I fashioned a tripod out of a rock outcrop, and took a few pics of that goat.


I also took a few pics and some video around the tent.
Turned out kind of neat.


This next pic is the view from the west side, looking east. Nice.


And this next one is the same location, but the view from the east, looking west.


Not a very nice place to pitch a tent, but up there, there is NO FLAT GROUND. You put it where you can. Even if its on stone.

And a video from that location.

I bumped into a few goats, juts around the corner from where the tent is pitched by the waterfall.
I think I surprised them about as much as they surprised me.
I just looked up, and about 50 feet away was a nanny and just above her, a yearling kid.

No tripod, I just grabbed the small camera and tried to take a couple pics, but they did not turn out very well.

I would have had a lot more goat pics if I had taken the tripod. There was goats all over the place.


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Nov 4, 2014
As for firewood, there is loads of it. There is a small grove of trees, just around the corner, and tons of it gets washed down from above with the spring run off.
There is old, dead wood all over the place, just not in the photos.

As for the rocks, you cant sleep on them, you have to have a cot.
Even a pad does not work.

So, here is an interesting bit.

This is the funky horn goat that I posted pics of a couple weeks ago.
This week, it is injured.

If you look closely in the video, you can see there is three bloody spots around the head and neck area.
The video is crappy. The scope was on 70X magnification, and I accidentally left the tripod at home.
So, I was making due with rocks, as you can see in the video.

And, while the pic is poor due to it being taken before the sun came up, and the goat moving about, to scratch its head, you can see there is also a gash in its rear left leg.

None of this was there the last time I saw this goat.


And, another pic of this goat.


I am not sure if it was attacked by a lion, there are many up there, or if it took a nasty fall and got banged up.