DIY West Texas Aoudad

I watched it before I even saw the thread. Congrats on the ram!
I've been looking at doing that same hunt for a couple of years and haven't pulled the trigger yet every time I see some great hunt photos it just brings me closer and closer maybe this winter once the snow piles up and it gets colder here in MT I will make the trip
If I were a critter and heard you were coming to hunt, I'd either go run off a cliff or just walk up to you and say, 'get it over with.'
Nice write up…congrats on the ram!
If you end up eating any of it, I’m interested to hear what you think? Never tried it personally but everything I hear is that it’s pretty rough.
I shot one a few years ago in New Mexico and thought the flavor of the meat was good, but it was pretty tough.
Big congrats, neighbor :D

I’ve always wanted to try Auodad, but I’m not sure about the meat. I’m just intrigued by a beautiful animal that can thrive in that environment, and since they are non-native I don’t worry about the ecological impact if I don’t like the meat
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Awesome write up, congrats! I'm planning my first Aoudad hunt DIY OTC NM... praying for one like that!!
Congratulations, do you mind me asking what the cost was to do a diy aoudad hunt, with whoever you went with ? It’s something I would be interested in. You can pm if you would rather. Looks like a great ram, how long was he ?
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