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Sep 21, 2003
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I don't get it. Moosie goes up hunting over the weekend for the last hoo-rah,plus states in the trick or treat buck part 2 post that he would of helped pack out gunners buck right after his :confused: No story of the hunt no pictures lots of bucks being taken I smell a setup ;) Did I miss something :confused:
LOL.... Alright, since ya brought it up. Here is the Short story.

I went up with Idaho Bugler on Sunday the last day. I did get a Buck. It is nothing big, just a 3 point. My vid camera got wet and I brought it in to get fixed and my wife had the digital camera. So Here I am without either. (Definately not normal for me!!!!) I also didn't have a hat, I left it in the truck.

Fortunately Idaho Bugler (Who posted the Idaho deer x2) post had a hat, Had a Camera (35 mm) and was nice enough not to tease me for shooting a little 3x ;)

So I'm at the Mercy of him developeing his Film and Geting it to me so I can Scan it and tell a story. Hopefully he'll have them soon.

Thats my short version, Long version later
What no hunttalk hat, no camera,
and this is our leader :confused: Ok enough of the whoopin I am sure you feel bad enough about it. :rolleyes: Main thing is you got out had fun and also shot a buck congrats man and thanks for filling in the question marks.
Sounds like I missed a good year for Idaho :mad: but already planning for next year ;) Way to go Moosie looking forward to the pics and long version
I would have taken a picture at home in front of the tree in the yard and Made up a story about dragging it down the hill and through someones yard before rembering a field picture ..... Anything for the extra 5 points ;) ...

It was a good year... the last 2 days of the season more deer were brought out of the hills then the 23 days prior I would bet.

Wyotim, no worries bud, I'll be up with I.B. helping him with his 2nd deer tag to make up for it. Will you forgive him then ?
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