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dgibson's Son goes delinquent


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Aug 22, 2001
Henderson, KY
Well, it all started Saturday at my son's first-ever Tae Kwon Do tournament. The Boy (also known as Sam) LOVES to spar, so he has developed the unfortunate habit of jumping into the ring as soon as he gets his gear on.
The ref called the name of the first contestant--a girl about 3 years older and probably 30 pounds heavier--and then some other similar-sized kid's name. Just then, Sam bounced up raring to go. :D They thought he was the second contestant; I was yelling "Sam, sit down!" and the other kid's dad was yelling "That's not the right kid!" but they didn't hear it. So the two contestants squared off! :eek: I'm proud to say that The Boy ran that older, bigger kid all over the ring and never gave her a chance to land a single punch or kick. He had her technically beaten in about 10 seconds. :cool: (I know, shame on me for promoting this shameless violence.

Then, Sunday, Sam and I broke out the "BB gun" and we set up some cans to shoot. We reviewed gun safety and how to aim with iron sights, and he fired away! He did about as well as could be expected for a 5-year-old shooting an adult air rifle, but he had fun and the seeds of future firearms violence were planted. ;)

Finally, the last straw: On Monday, Sam's school teacher gave everyone blank Valentines and asked them to draw something that they love. Sam turned this in:


For those of you who can't understand Post-Modern Juvie Art, that's a drawing of me holding a rifle. (No comments on the small head, please!) Happily, we live in the eminently sane state of KY, so he didn't get suspended on the spot.

So there you go...The Boy has crossed the line into what I hope is permanent non-fuzzy delinquency. I couldn't be prouder.
Get a plastic magnet for it, and give it to him on Valentine's Day when he's 21 years old.
I love doing that kind of stuff with our daughter, she was surprised last year how many old barbie dolls I had of hers, when she had her first baby girl I gave them to her and you know what she thought it was the best thing in the world, that mom saved them, she never knew I had all of them she ever played with.
LB, I'm going to make sure that thing goes in the scrapbook! I'll probably wait and break it out when he's got his little sweetie over to visit. My parents enjoyed embarassing the heck out of me in front of my wife, so I should carry on the tradition! ;)

Martin, The Wife accidentally discovered that she can make better yelps with a mouth call than I do (because I suck at it
), so guess who my next project is? :D
Looks good man, My little 4 yr old girl is telling her boyfriends "my dad hunts and he is going to teach me to shoot" ......she keeps scaring the boys off
Jarhead, maybe...bonehead, absolutely! :D Scotty, just keep encouraging that! That way you won't have to stand on the porch with a shotgun a few years from now because they'll already be expecting it.
My mom alway's thought it funny to pull out baby pics of me to new dates when I would bring them over, she would run them in the bedroom and I could hear them laughing, one of the pics was me when I could barley sit up, she put me in a dress and made a little curl on top of my head...
That was really funny for a teenager to have to put up with... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Sounds like you have a great kid in the makes Darren... :D
I found it in all my moms stuff when she passed and it is in the basement in a box. I just did a big clean up and didn't find it, but when I run across it I will surley put it up...
Moosie can't be having all the good pics... ;)