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Jul 10, 2001
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Welcome to the Huntalk most devastated varmint picture contest. Post pictures of your most devastating shot here. Lets keep it at a pg-13 rating, and no addtional dismemberment allowed after your varmint has been killed. Multiple entries are encouraged. We are lining up some great prizes for the winner. Entries will be accepted until October 1rst, and then we will Crown The Most Devastating Varminter in Cyberspace.


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This contest is unfair to those of us in states w/ no prairie dog hunting or states with regulations which ban the use of explosive ordinance in hunting applications.

I cry foul and want a consolation prize just for my trouble. Oh, and I'm thinking of becoming a Democrat too.

Edit: I was kidding about the Dem comment. I recieved a healthy ass whooping from some concerned friends. Glad to see they're looking out for me.

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Every States got housecats, rabbits, squirrels, possums, skunks, know Varmints
Just for Wolverine and his fellow Democrats, here's a few more rules: If you take a picture of a road pizza, make sure and let us know what varmint it was and what your weapon of choice prairrie dog hit with a '75 Ford F250. If you shoot something also tell us the story behind it and what gun you was toting. You score bonus points if there's a motorized vehicle or alcoholic beverage in the picture. You score major bonus points if you have a good looking girl in a bikini holding your kill. So what we really want to see is a drunk swim suit model sitting on a 4 wheeler with a pile of dead varmints in front of her.
It is a nasty job trying to live up to the varmint forum's new motto .....Most ignorant place in cyberspace. Let's see some pictures guys.


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>It is a nasty job trying to live up to the varmint forum's new motto .....Most ignorant place in cyberspace. Let's see some pictures guys. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yeah I know what you mean ... I just cant believe you and sly would name your new forum that.....
I will go change the title from

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>This section is for the "SERIOUS" Predator hunter. No Flamming, No badhmouthing, Just the Facts.Any questions for this section please Email " [email protected] ". This is an Invite only section. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Most ignorant place in cyberspace

I think that would be fitting dont you

give me about 20 mins cause I am in the middle of transfering files over ....

OK.. I'm not going to win with this , But Shooting a Varmint ? HELL, thats nothing.. HERE is a 112# Rock~chuck I shot once !!!

I used a 300 win mag (that part is the truth) running uphill and jumping over a log. Let me tell you how tough it was to kill this thing. Varmints are Cunning, Varmints are hard to kill, I needed to buy 16 video's and read 12 books, buy 5 calls, and go to 18 classes before I even thought about going on this hunt. Folks, lemme tell you, I'm not the best of the Best

Here is my 112# Varmint kill....


Grey fox Shot by my friend Broncoglenn in Globe AZ 2 yrs ago. I called it, he shot it. Tuff lil bugger. Shot 2 times with a 30-06 and 125 gr TNT bullets. Once at 30 yrds and again at 10 ft. Then took 2 22mag bullets to the head to finish it off. We called it the sock puppet, cuz thats what it looked like after we skinned what was left of it. And here is how it turned out. Not to shabby!
I fixed it for you crap... image station is weird sometimes... So I copied it and dloaded onto my server... when you get your link fixed I will remove it or it can stay up to you
with all these neat pics I am going to have to try the feather on the end of the barrel(12 guage) trick to match some of you guys...

I was only able to do it once and the shot was less than 5 feet away just staring....

Looks like I got to oct some let the games begin

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Every States got housecats, rabbits, squirrels, possums, skunks, know Varmints<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Hahaha....I am the KING of my neighborhood taking out the "wild" cats

But Doug...can you imagine what would happen if I took pics and posted them
YAH.. I'm the Good looking one

Here is a better picture of the Same Critter :


Did someone say skunk ?


And whatthe hell are these below ?

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>And whatthe hell are these below ?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Looks like someones lunch or dinner oscar

Gotta love the skunk one tahts my all time favorite.
Here is one that I deliberately turned the messy side away from the camera - my wife doesn't like the gory ones, and pictures are often mixed up with all the birthday party pix, etc.

Up date for the contest. This poor guy was shot at 75 yrds using my AR and 50 gr. Barns VLC HP's.

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