Deposit ($50) received list (9th edit-booked up).


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
1. John W....NM...Gilamonster
2. Dan S.....AZ...Danr55
3. Glen F.........TBFO but with Danr55.
4. E.Van S...CA...Calif.Hunter
5. Steve K...IL...snite66
6. Dad of Steve K.(non-interneter)
7. Tom P.....TX...Tom as of 10/14.
8. Albert B..CA...Albert as of 10/16.
9. Dennis F..OK...Fatman
10.Son of Dennis..TBFO af 10/17, and 10/24.
11.Fred M....OH...WorthlessNut as of 10/25.
12.Ross M....NM...Ross or Mitch? as of 10/30.
13. Moosie...ID...Oscar W.
(check's in the mail and Zar of the hunt.)
14.Mark S....CO...DeerSlayer as of 11/03.
16.Jim (Shaky's buddy) the check came.
17. Delw as of 11/13/01.
18. Kevin T...WA..Kraven- as of Dec.1.
19. Jeff C....IN as of Dec.17th mail.
20. Jason Lee IN (check came).
21. Some Florida bowhunter.
22. Another Florida bowhunter.

WE ARE OVER BOOKED NOW, I CHECKED WITH THE OWNER and he agreed we can be safe, well behaved, etc. with 22 hunters.
Don't forget you can't shoot out, you get one of the basic rams and all the aoudad and varmints that you can get for the $180 hunt.

Note: TBFO means "to be figured out", i.e. I don't know the HuntTalk name right now, its not on the check.

We got the combination to the lock on the gate, e-mail me if I didn't send it to you. Put it in your wallet for March.

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(PUT THE FORUM NAME.. OR say Friend of " " and the Forum name or something.. I don't know ANY of thoe guys :D :D :D

Moosie will have his check out ..Uhhhhh RIGHT AWAY
(PUT me in the 13th slot.... thats My Lucky # :D)
Hi Tom. Thanks for the heads up. Nice to know that we have SOME management skills around.

By the way, who's this Moosie character that keeps posting on here? The way he spells sometimes makes me wonder about him. :D:D:D

Hey Tom, my check (for 2 spots) went in the mail Sun. the 14th, when I emailed you last Thu. I was on my way to the post office to drop it off but I had to make an unplanned detour by the hospital to have my gallbladder removed, I got out Sat. and had my son mail it Sun. You should have it in the next day or so.

Damn, Damn, Damn,,,,,I wanted the 13th spot :D :D :D (I spent 13 weeks in a full body cast way back when, 13 has been my lucky number ever since)

I will have a check in the mail this week for 2 spots. I checked with my buddy in Okla and he is ready to go as well.


The weekend of March 30th, 2002, correct?
Shaky, Great, I can make more 13s. You deserve it. Moosie tentatively asked Thompson for March 23 or 30th, then went hunting. He posted I was checking into the date, so I did. Thompson said somebody already called with 16 hunters and got the 23rd, but that he saved us March 30, 2002 weekend. Moosie has to finalize it as he put the 23rd banner.

We need to get the checks in the mail, in the mail. Thompson will get more and more pressure as people call, to fill spots that we might want.

I found another good beer, that will make Sambar sweat I bet, its got "World Champion" on its label. Sam Adams is from Boston, Mass., USA but this new one is from right here. I'll get a picture of it. :cool:

Its Wildcatter's Stout, "world champion", if its cold weather. Its Yellow Rose Pale Ale, silver award, if its warmer weather. Both brewed here in town.

If we had 16 hunters and 16 beers, we could each rate a 1-2 ounce gulp of each beer from one of those little plastic things, and still be sober to tally the results. We'll work it out to save our livers, I hope.

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Tom, If you show up at this thing with Lone Star Beer, I gonna pick up what's left of my liver and go home. That's almost as bad as Primo was. We all know what happened to Primo. :cool:
I'm shooting and E-mail to Indy.....we were planning an exotic hunt for the spring......if he's game, I'm in.
There's 10 deposits in so far. Its the 30th of March weekend. If we go over 16, I don't mind giving someone my spot. We can also try and deal with going over 16. You could probably mail the check and be ok without the fed ex cost.
Mitch.. BRown nose ME.. Not TOM :D :D :D

J/K.... I will Give up my SPOT too for the HUNT/.... I'll just sleep "BUNKSTYLE" with Calif HUNTER or Worthless nut :eek: . I want to Go and Do some video Taping..... Anyone Going to WACK one with a BOW ?~?~?~? We'll figure it out later
I don't know if I'll get to "WHACK ONE" with my bow, but I'm bringing it along just in case I find one that needs WHACKING.
Indy probably can't make it.....but I think I will anyway......
I'd be willing to give up my hunting spot so long as I DON'T have to share a bunk with Moosie!!!! :eek: Hmmm...but the video idea could be worth big bucks!
I'll shoot one and leave the whacking to the others...Moosie and Worthless will be whacking and stacking and I'll be leaving them plenty of room... ;) I'll be plenty happy just to go and meet some of these folks!
I plan on bringing my bow along, and start out hunting with it, but if luck is not with me that way, I also plan on packin the "06" in the gear.

Ok, that's easy. I'll help the Gila Monster find you a Javalina when you come to NM. I used to guide for him when he was an outfitter. I also married his sister. How's that for sucking up? LOL. I'll see you guys in Mar.

Mitch :D :D :D
WorthlessNut, it came in yesterday's mail and you're No.11, its lucky.
Mitch, I'll pass your appreciation on to Zar Moosie.
DS, maybe the Alaska guy could fly to you cheaper and you could truck pool here. He said he would come if he found a cheap ticket and it might be fun if you want to contact him.
Moosie, we could always reinact the hunts for video, so you could hunt. We'd have to trust the guy to tell us how good the shot really was. The reinact might come out better than real life on video.
We could also have optional hunts or a few more if we had several start out with bows if we get a bunch more. We need more right now.

Thompson will be and is getting pressure from other hunters calling him if we don't fill the 16 spots quick. Please send your $50 deposit if you want to go!

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 26 October 2001 10:57: Message edited by: Tom ]</font>
What are you guys going to be using for calibers and bullets?

I have the option of going with the 7mm mag (130gr Speer hot cores), 300 win mag (180gr ballistic tips) or "Boomer" aka 375 H&H Ackley Improved using 270gr X Bullets. Then again I could just take along my 22 CHeetah MK 1 and use 52gr berger bullets. Do sheep run away from a PURPLE rifle? lol.

Whats the average distance for killing these sheep? That will determine my choice more then anything.

On a side note: If there are any of you that are looking for a FREE doe hunt, let me know. We will be applying for 30 doe tags in January and crop damage tags are valid from the first of Feb thru Sept. Anybody interested will hunt from 1 of our 5 stands - 2 stands are ladder type (10' high) with aluminum tube steps, 2 are 4' sq and have a shingled roof and a real comfy padded swivel seat that is adjustable for height. These 2 stands have a shingled roof as well. The last one is what we call the "condo", it is 6' sq and looks over a 50 acre field and is in a spot that enables kills to 750 yards. The last 3 are permanent stands, concreted in the ground. While I was in the "condo" 2 season ago we had 40 to 50 MPH winds and the stand was rock solid. Besides being 4' in the ground (concrete) the stand itself weighs around 1250lbs so it is very stable (Nut has been in it, he can tell you what it is like).

I will save 2 tags for Nut since he will be deer hunting with me in 4 weeks anyhow he will just come back in Feb for the 2 extra doe tags. Crop damage tags are for doe only.

You will be required to buy a non-resident tag (unless you live in PA
). You can ask Nut for the exact price but I think it is $103.00.

At this time I have 8 tags that aren't spoken for.

There is a Best Western motel 15 min away from the farm and their rates are $35 a night which includes breakfast. Simple directions from the motel to the farm - a total of 3 roads, no traffic lights. If you get lost you deserve to be lost, lol.

If your interested, let me know.


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