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Deleted Thread


Jul 17, 2002
Hamilton MT
I chose to delete the meat bull thread. I am proud of the fact that i worked hard and got a nice bull (not as big as some, but a hard earned public land trophy for me) this year and was gonna share the pictures.

BUT anyonymity makes some people act like asses and will cause some to act like they know exactly where the bull was, which is impossible since i was on a solo hunt and never saw another track or person. Therefore I chose to delete and save the good feelings rather than let the thread go further down the tubes.

Later all and have a good night.
I hope you didn't take offence to my post, I was just ribbn' ya... Some times when you're alone your pictures don't turn out quite as planned, I got a pile of em that didn't. Thats all I was stating. The trees looked like they were being pulled to one side due to the camera not being level...

That was a great bull and you should be proud. Congrats

I thought You hunted in Yellowstone like Greeny
No oscar he is more up north he hunts in Glacier National park. I would reconize those slanted trees any where. I know exactly where that spot is. Greek sent me a map on it last week while he was road hunting up there.
Bambistew, not at all.

Let me be more frank, there is a Socially Retarded person that occasionally visits this site that has alot to say but never has the balls to tell his name or anything about himself. He goes by the handle 280 and claims he knows where i got this elk. I hunted alot of places with a few different people this year, there is no way anybody knows where i was, and i am sure he was trying to get trick me into slipping some information since he lives in the same vicinity.

I know the internet is all about anonymity, but I have no respect for somebody who wont give out there name or at least have the courtesy of sending me an email before he starts spouting off that he glassed elk on the same hillside before i hunted it. That is pure BS, there was no hillside it was all timber, and there were no other people.

So 280, either post your phucking name, or dont phucking mess with me.
OH, this gonna get ugly quick, and in a hurry.
Can't wait to see the response's.

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Ugly ?!?! ..... HEHE... I just like to post a calm post like this and Watch the IP#'s as they scan this topic...


I'm not good at reading what people feel as they post... Can someone tell me if RockyDog likes 280 or not ?!?!!
wELL... They're both from Montana and all

Hummmm I guess I need to read better, I figured they were best buds... But, As Tim from TN says. I'm 280 anyways, And Ol' R-dog likes me, He told me in between cuss words in the last Email he sent me
Rockydog, I can't believe you'd let a little nut-flea like that give you heartburn. So he "recognized" where your elk photo was taken?
Pretty damn funny. He might have thought a twig in that photo looked similar to his boyfriend's weiner the last time it dangled in front of his face... but I'm pretty sure that's about all the more he really knew.
i don't blame you for deleting the thread, rockydog. it is a beauty of a bull and deleting that thread might just get you a shot at another one just like it in the same area next year.

better safe than sorry. some people will go to any length to save themselves the real work of finding a good elk spot.

congrats again,
I dont know havent checked the mail yet.

well if he takes payments I am paypalling you .50cents a year for a map.
NOPE !!! HAs to be even Payments... $5.99/5 years MAx payment

Thats $1.19800 per year or $0.09983 per month. I need it out to at least 5 places
Is this the same map and location up Che... well I ain't gonna give it up, but will sell a slightly tattered copy for $3.00. The bull I got up there only score 374 7/8, stinking thing won't even go B&C. Just would like to recover a little of my 6 dollar investment.
Actually I think I am gonna do this ebay style:
Opening bid on map to Greenie's hunting spot written by Moosie with all the Idaho limpwristed mizspelins.
Opening BID: $.05

Auction to close 12/15/03 at midnight.
PS As an added bonus, if the bid goes over $17,000 I will include on scoop of dirt from the same HILLSIDE that Rockydog shot his elk off. I am sure it is the same hillside because I was using a SPOTTING SCOPE and watching, what I am sure was the same bull he shot just 2 hours 17 minutes and 43 seconds before he shot, after all I live in Montana too. Bid hard, bid often. If the bid goes over $20k Greenie will act as your natie sherpa and guide and where the same pink vest and purple tie combo I seen him wearing in Bozemen last spring.
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