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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Okay, Vipe is taking her parents to NY for the weekend. There are a few options for my weekend.

What should I do

Option #1.Hunt waterfowl on Saturday and Pheasants on Sunday

Option #2. Saturday ,Drive 4 hours and hunt some deer for a day and then drive home.

Sunday....hunt pheasants and rabbits

Option #3. work saturday and look at porn sites all weekend.
Work Saturday and spend all your earnings on women and wine.. or booze if you prefer..

WHat kind of answer is that.. How about work Saturday and hunt something on Sunday?

Option #1. 4hours for a day of hunting is not an environmentally sound decision. Option #3 might be ok, but why not #4, work saturday, hunt pheasants on sunday?
Option #4: Hunt Waterfoul on Sat till 10AM, drive 4 hours and hunt deer that afternoon/evening, Drive back that night 4 hours to hunt Waterfowl again Sunday morning, then drive to hutn Pheasants Sunday afternoon / evening...

Ave the porn till you're at work man !!! ;)
Truthfully I have had enough of work.

There is one thing I didnt put down for all options. I will be going this weekend to a range somewhere to make sure the rifles are ready for next weekend in Kentucky with dgibson. ;) :cool:
TE said we could go to the waterfowl blind draw Saturday and if we dont get the area we want we could hunt deer instead in the morning and then go to the other WMA and do pheasant that afternoon either way. Leaves Sunday open.
Well we are going with option #6 :D

Deer hunting at the area we was going to waterfowl hunt until bout 10 am. Then going to a couple places to run Jake after some pheasants.

Sunday will be range day.
Well we didnt go hunting this morning. Went to Cabela's instead. They were out of what I wanted but it was fun anyways. We did try some pheasant hunting and saw 1 bird. It was bout 75 yards away and went to the private land before we got to it.

But I did see a big buck chasing a doe. They were running full bore. The buck wanted some and the doe didnt want to give it up. Then I saw a smaller buck following a doe in a corn field.

This was awesome for me. To see this actualy happening was neat.
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