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Dates for the HUNT..........


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'm running 2 date out for you guys... I'm looking at MArch 23rd or MArch 30th Weekend........... Fire me off some thoughts y'all...... I talked to Temple and he said with 16 hunters...the ranch is ours.. So I'd like to get some Feedback and HAve a HUNTTALK.com WEEKEND

After the 1st of April it gets Tough for me.... I am not doing any Turkey deals.. But we could figure something out for "NEXT TIME" .... This time I'm thinking just RAMS... And Hogs if anyone is interested... that I'm working out elsewere...
Either date is fine with me, but spring break here is earlier in March. The turkey's are rare on that ranch and it doesn't start until April 6 there anyway. The rams are the best deal and Thompson has a bunch.

If someone travelling a long way wanted a turkey hunt, we could work on that at a south Texas ranch where the season starts earlier.

Rio Grande Spring Turkey General Season
North Texas (129 counties) April 6 - May 12, 2002
South Texas (32 counties) March 30 - May 5, 2002
If anyone wants to do the additional meat hog hunt, I will help arrange it as I live here.

The $180 ram hunt is usually run like a Texas deer hunt. You get taken to a blind for a morning and an afternoon hunt. Shoot, with 16 we could attempt a drive hunt on the whole ranch. Sure, at least we could have more than a few walking in canyons or hunting safari style if we wanted too.

Thompson's hunt #2 is a one on one, usually, guided hunt and it is on different ranches in the area. If someone wanted that, it would be special arrangements.

Any interest in the lunch/dinner at Lonestar Brewery's trophy room or the 777 Ranch, we'll have to coordinate later.
Hey Moose umm either date is fine with me I need your address so I can send you my deposit if thats OKIE DOKIE :D with ya.This sounds like so much fun and am having problems sleeping already YIKES :eek: :D .OK well they sound good to me.
Another thing if we score early is there any other game to hunt,someone mentioned Audad(sp?) I know they are a good tuff animal to knock down,watched a hunting show on them yesterday.
Oscar, I'm in for two. How much $$ do you need for the deposit? The Czech is in the male. :cool:

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