csutton7's Cariboo


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az



Nice boo's chris
first off thanks to Del for puttin' the pics up for me---stories as goes---this could be strung out so I'm sorry about that---

the first one we had seen about a mile off and so we tried to head them off--there were 6 bulls in the group and he was the best by far--we looked at him and I said either he's a big or just avg(profound of me, uhh)-so hard to tell on these things as they're so different, but we thought he was one of the best we'd seen so far in two days--anyway they're moving and we are trying to get closer, but aren't making much headway, so I pick out a rock(turned out to be a big rock with lots of other big rocks around it) that he has to pass behind and range it at 367 yds--as soon as he gets clear of the rock and other caribou I let one rip--he lifts his front leg and I think I lunged him--he doesn't go down so I let one more rip and nothing--well dang I'm getting ticked off--I hand my range finder to the guide and say check it again-the guide moves a little to get a better angle and well he was 508 yds away not 367--I'm not feeling to good about this now so I put it about 18" over his back and wham let him have it and down he goes--ok a little better--I'm kind of pissed now cuz I figure, one it was to long a shot and I'm fairly sure he will not be as big as we hoped--but more at the distance than the other--we couldn't have got closer and I'd made my mind up and 367yds isn't out of my range capabilities--let me tell you if you don't kill these things outright they're plain tuff--they don't die---so we head out and are talking about how the distance fooled us, but he's down and that's what matters and we get to about a 150 yds away and it gets up and runs away--so up with the rifle and on his nose go the cross hairs and boom all you see is legs--my buddy says holy shit did you see that--what the hell Sutton, I've never seen so much hair fly, ever--well we're like dang these things are tuff--so we get up to him--the last shot nailed him right behind his ears--but he ain't dead--his eyes are rolling and he's still breathing--one second his eyes go wide open and get the death stare and then they start rolling again--un-fricken-believable--I'm saying damn if I shoot him again all we're gonna have is burger--we're sure he's gonna call it quits---but oh no he gets up-no kiddin, he stands up right next to me and I finally end it for him at 5yds--hard to see in a scope at 5yds---well he is a nice caribou but not quite what we think--but he will make the wall in velvet----

caribou #2 we spot about a 2 miles off along with the other 3-5 thousand that are coming and passing us from 10 yds to 600yds--you know it's hard to wait when you have that many go by you--some look great, but not like "there's the monster"--just better than the ones they're with, but this one was a lot bigger than anything else we'd seen---we let him come to us but he went into a patch of trees about 400 yds away from us and he went headlong through them and never got any closer--I'm saying to the guide we should get closer as there are way to many 'boo's around for a shot this far--if we would have waited 10 more seconds it would've been tuff to get him--anyway we up on top of this rocky hill and caribou are everywhere and we need to get through them so that I can get a clean shot off--so off of the hill we head right thru them--yea they run off, but not like an elk, they just trot away about 150 yds or so and look back at you--this big guy is quartering away from us so he's not concerned with all the other caribou running as they're trotting most of the time anyway---I close the distance to 150 yds and let one rip and down he goes not to move again---a little redemption from caribou #1---no ground shrinkage on him--- chris
thanks guys--

Indy Jay- we were at Lake Mackay in the NWT--northeast of Yellerknife about 150 miles--chris