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CO first combined season a tough hunt


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Dec 17, 2000
Littleton, CO, USA
The days were hot, it was very dry, and the nights were clear and bright. You couldn't be quiet in the woods. I believe the elk were only moving around after shooting hours. We saw more sign in there than I ever have, but couldn't seem to find any tracks still full of elk. We ended up spending an awful lot of time still hunting the thick stuff in the hopes of finding them bedded down. Never got lucky that way, though.

Finally, on Tuesday, we got some snow and a dark night. I managed to kill a cow on Wednesday morning, but it ended up being the only elk I saw the whole season. My bro-in-law saw a couple that evening and shot, but missed.

With all the additional tags available this year, I might head back up for third season.
Congrats on the cow elk tmsander
Todd...where were you guys? I'm surprised you had no must not have been very high.

We are going in in a couple of days between 11,000 and 12,000 feet.....I don't think we will have the problem of being too dry.

The first combo is always a tough hunt because of the initial pressure from the first generally takes them a couple of weeks to settle back in, and the first combo traditionally has had the most hunters.......hope there is one or two left by this weekend ;)

...congrats on tagging in a tough hunt.....
DS - I do hunt a lower part of that unit, although the unit does encompass plenty of higher altitude areas. I like the lower part because it is good transition habitat and holds elk all year round. Plus, over the years, I have found a couple of natural travel funnels that usually produce at least a couple oppotunities.

I hunted the first season last year and there wasn't a sole in there. No camps, no atvs, no people. So, at least in this spot, I don't think first-season pressure is much of an issue.

There were a lot of hunters in the field in the second season this year, but I never saw one guy in the field. Everyone else was road hunting. Not surprisingly, there was next to no shooting heard and not a single hunter I talked to had seen a single elk.

We did head up into the high country one day and there wasn't much snow to speak of there either. That was before the storms rolled in on Tuesday, however. There is probably more snow up there now. However, coming home on Thursday, it looked like units 18 and 28 on the south side of willow creek pass got much more snow than further north where we were.
Way to go on the cow. Sounds like you were working under some tough conditions. It does look like a small chance of snow this week, but I doubt it will amount to much. We'll see. I'll be out there looking for a buck.

we saw loads of elk during first season also a few good bucks in unit 71 we filled 4 tags in less than 2 1/2 days all in the same spot basicly anyway congrats on the cow and good luck in the later season
Congrats on the cow man. I agree with you 100%. I just got back myself and man was it tough. I saw ZERO elk within range. Congrats on a cow. I am going out for cows on the 1st late season. I'd love to go for the 3rd season though! Good luck buddy
Where ya headed for the late season? I've got a cow tag for the late season in 371. My potential plans for hunting the third season are not set in stone and depend on whether leftover tags are still available for 161, but if you'd like to go maybe we could go together? Just a thought.
Hey Todd,

I've got a late season tag for unit 20. That season is from Nov 22-dec 8th. We'll have to see how my knee is doing. As it is right now I think I might have to have surgery on it. so I might not even be able to go on my hunt. I will know soon if I can though. If my knee is good I might be able to tag along for the weekend (No more time off) Hell if nothing I could help you pack one out? When were you planning on going?
Sorry to hear about your knee, man. I knew there was an issue with it but I had no idea it was serious enough to consider surgery. Good luck with that and let us know if you need anything.

I've since checked, and there are no cow tags left for 161. I am sort of considering unit 27, but I don't know a thing about that unit, other than it is one of only a few units left with cow tags for public land. This would be Brenda's hunt, though, and given her 'condition', it's looking doubtful that she'll be up for it. So, a third season hunt is looking iffy at best. I'm probably going to have to put all my eggs in the late season basket.

And yeah.... what's the story on the buck?

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Hey guys,

Yeah I got a pretty nice buck. My best ever. I will be posting the story and the pics of him soon. I've got some pics of him and me in Hunttalk hat and shirt so as soon as I get them in I'll post them so I can win the prize! yah right.. Basically he is a nice 4x4 typical. almost perfectely symmetrical. I rough scored him at 156 but a good friend of mine said he should make 170 he is 28 1/2 inches wide and real long nice points. I'll get the full story and pics up soon.

Todd, Sorry man I've never been to that unit. and with my knee as bad as it seems I will be lucky to make my late season hunt. Do you have a late season tag? maybe they will issue more tags now that the harvest is way down. When/where is your late season hunt for? Take it easy
Boman.....sounds like you got yourself a great buck.....

Congrats...can't wait for the story....
My late season tag is for unit 371. The hunt runs from something like 11/23 through 12/01. I do this hunt with a bunch of guys from the Denver RMEF chapter committee. Last year I think 8 of us hunted on and off and 5 elk were killed. This year I think there is going to be 11 of us. It's a good time meat hunt more than anything else. We stay in condos, for cryin out loud.

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