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Caribou in the NWT


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Jan 5, 2001
Omaha, NE usa
well 6 of us went caribou hunting outside of Yellowknife(1 hour by float plane) with True North Safaris for Cental Canada Barren Ground Caribou----we all got 2 caribou and had a great time--2 of them may make the book and one other close--a lot of very good caribou were shot---54 to be exact(27 guys in camp and you rarely saw them while hunting)--the place was awesome, on a lake that's 100 miles long so you jump in your boat and take off---1 guide/2 hunters---nothing like searching for one and passing over 1000 bulls before you see one to shoot, words can't describe it-- talk about testing the nerves---no it's not like that everyday, but if you hit the right area they just keep coming and coming, otherwise you spot and stalk and you still see plenty of bulls to shoot--taxidermists in camp to take of your animals-----and Sunday I took my two boys--9 & 4--blacktail and pig hunting and got a 200 pound boar--so hunting has been good to me the last two weeks---chris
Congrats Chris!....sounds like you boys mighta dropped some much was your Bou hunt?....

Chris, I was in one of those caribou migrations in the NWT about 20 years ago. Incredible, isn't it? My biggest problem was sorting out the big bulls and trying to score them. I finally decided it was impossible when you're looking at 10 of them at the same time that will probably all be B&C! :D And every time I'd think I decided which one I wanted I'd look up the valley about a mile and here would come one that looked bigger! :D

Glad you've been having some good hunting!
yea we dropped some bills-around 5K-my buddies wife actually put the hunt together and she picked one of the best(showers, laundry, bar, sat. tv to name a little of what was at the camp/lodge) of course she didn't go(she was supposed to) cuz of a little preganancy issue, so her grandfather went instead--area is known for B&C bulls---it was like hunting doves in Argentina that one day as they just kept coming and coming--in this area they whole up and circle between these two lakes(30 miles apart)--(there's 450,000 in the herd) until the weather gets nasty and then most of them move out--some stay year round---it's hard to single out one bull as they are so different in configuration, yet are the same in size--great tops, no bottoms or great main beams but no some pics just have to scan them in and remember how to post them again---been busy working and my other hobby of doing sledpulls with my truck takes some time---chris
Congrats on a great hunt! I HAVE to see those wide open spaces at least once before I die. Seeing that many animals would be awesome.

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