Carbon County Poachers nailed bigtime...



A lady spot the carcass of a doe antelope near elk mountain, and goes home and tells her husband, who happens to be a local game warden. He investigates, finds zero evidence of the culprits, so he decides to take the case to the local papers and radios......and sure enough, a caller phones in a description of a truck seen in the area about the same time of the iccident.............and so happens, the warden spots a vehicle matching the description at an apartment complex and decides to stake it out. A couple of nights later, three men go out to the same area, pull over, and hammer three mule deer, cut the backstrap out, and leave. He just watched and followed them. Next day, search warrants in tow, they find evidence of 11 illegal big game kills in the freezer, including deer elk and moose. They arrest all 3.......pleas were reached for just one case of illegally taking an antelope buck out of season, as well as shooting from a road, from a vehicle and a couple of other related charges, but basically, they plead out of 10 of the animal poached! :eek: ............still had to pay over $3000 each for the one, and the ring leader loses his hunting priveledges FOR LIFE and forfeited all of his firearms, as he was a convicted felon who could not legally own them and he got 60 days in jails as well, and also all three men forfeited their binos and knives and such used in the crimes. The other two men only got 16 and 15 days respectively, but lost their hunting priveledges for ten years!

Now there is some deterent for poaching! Convicted of illegally taken one buck pronghorn and lost his hunting priveledged for life...........I think maybe the judge read the file and saw they had really killed 11 animals! :eek:
........Mark one up for the good guys!


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Nov 28, 2001
Chandler, Az
Glad to hear that! Too many of these Jerks get away with it. I truely believe what goes around comes around. What a waste of some beautiful animals! To think that they only took the back strap. Well at least that's three less poachers in the world. Thanks for the great post!


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