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California Hog Hunt (Success Stories!)

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
What a weekend! Rolled into my driveway at 8:30. Excellent hunting, outstanding people and good food. I'll give more details tomorrow. Everyone nailed a pig.
That is really great T Bone. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.
I have never seen that kind of success on a hog hunt - 100%! :eek: 3 of them "trophy boars" with tusks. Of course, 4 of us had to get them the same afternoon/evening - so I was up until after 4 AM cleaning hogs. We could only hang one at a time, and I was the last one to shoot one and thus the last one to clean mine. Or did I go before Keith? I'm too tired to remember.

Anaconda (Dan) got the biggest boar - over 200 pounds and 3-inch tusks. T-Bone got the second biggest - also over 200 pounds and tusks over 2-inches. Keith got a boar about 195 pounds with tusks right about 2-inches.

Tim took the first pig Friday, a nice little sow that will be some GOOD eating. I wanted a little sow like his, but begggars can't be choosers and I bagged a sow about 160 - 170 pounds. (Tim and I didn't weigh ours before gutting them like the rest did.)

I'll let everyone else fill in the details on their hog. Being the only non-virgin hog hunter, I wanted to make sure they all got one before I took a shot. They cooperated nicely, so that I didn't come home empty handed. ;) :rolleyes:

I'll type more tomorrow. I am dog-tired and I need a shower ---- I smell like a hog. :eek:

Tom and Bob both called Friday morning and left messages on my cel phone wishing us Good must have worked! Actually, Tom was calling to make sure I got up... ;) Thanks to both of them for the kind thoughts! I must have been on the road in a no service area when you called.
That is great that eveyone scored. Thanks for the update and will hopefully see more on here tomorrow. Sounds like you took some nice hogs, congrats to all of you that went.
SOUNDS cool......... Now for a picture or two...... T-bone, DID ya get to use your bow ?!?!

Cali, DID ya get Tyson to drink.. ;)
Awesome, done at 4am, that must be a record of some kind. Congratulations on what sounds like a great get together, a great hunt, with some great results. :D
I never saw Tyson drink anything but water and soda pop - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

T-Bone tried mightily to stick one with his bow, but never managed to get close enough. He spent half a day and past dark at a hot water hole, had three groups of hogs come in, but the wind was swirling and changing. He said he could hear them coming, then they'd grunt or snort and take off. He said they sounded like aherd of elk when they ran off. So he shot his boar with a rifle.

Keith - I see you browsing the board - jump in here and tell your story! :D
I'm sure the photos will be great...we started off with our "California Camo", but Dan forgot his pink Suburu and brought his Toyota 4x4 instead. :( Chopper wore a tank top and shorts most of the time...there was too much posion oak for me to chance shorts!

I forgot to get a picture of Chopper's "safari wagon" - I hope one of the other guys took one. He had the most massive two pit bulls I've ever seen - but they were kittens around people. Too many foxtails this time of year to run the dogs, though. They sure got excited every time we drove up with a hog on the back of the truck.
What a great time we had. I really thought that I was over gun with that 300 win.mag but after dropping that hog with one clean shot I saw that it was perfect. For all of you who think a 7mm-08isa ladies and kids gun just ask anaconda that little gun really made that big boar change his mind about it one shot pig fall down my pig was much smaller than anyone else’s which worked out great because it would have cost me a fortune to ship a big one home. Chopper started skinnin my hog before we got pictures I think that T-bone got one of it being skinned and chopper got a few of me the head and the puppies. Mine wasn’t as near as impressive but hopefully we got some good pictures anyway. Being an east coast boy I have never eaten elk before so a special thanks to anaconda and cali-hunter for sharing their success this pass season and keith’s tri-tip was incredible too. We have decided that the 5 of us are grand fathered in to the next hunt the rest of you will be on a draw only basis see anaconda for applications as he was appointed (just kidding guys I am sure big tusker will make room for all who want to come but what a great idea) I cant believe that no one has mentioned all the awesome bucks that we saw or the bobcats T-bone and I even saw a turkey. Don’t forget to make T-Bone tell his story on the coyote. Calli-hunter really put a dent in the ground squirrel population. cant wait for the next one hope to see you all soon.
T-Bone made a Greenhorn-Weekend Warrior shot on that coyote all right. :eek: Ouch!!!

Tim - thanks for bringing the mayonaise! (Just fooling with ya. I'm glad you liked the elk. Any more food and we would have rolled down the hills.) I'm really glad you were able tomake it after all.

We had to keep checking wth Tim to see where he was Friday afternoon and night. He called and he was in Redding, then five hours later he was in Sacramento, after running all over Redding to find non-res license and pig tags. He got to the cabin about 3 AM, I think. But that's another story...

That one ground squirrel was funny - we saw him turn red from about 100 yards away with our naked eyes. Anaconda made some good shots with his pistol, too - and Keith was sure making them jump with his 10-22.
Alrighty, got my pictures back. Will get them scanned and emailed to Moosie for him to post.

Here is my version of the hunt....

Left Reno about 430 am. Beat the Sacramento rush hour and hit the renevouz point an hour early. Minutes later Keith and Rick showed up. Chopper then showed up and finally Dan. We drove to the ranch which is way out in the country. Beatiful rugged country.

Chopper showed us to the cabin. It was the softest accomadations I've EVER had while hunting. I wouldn't call it a cabin, I'd call a lodge.

We all got our gear out and Chopper took us around the ranch in the customized jeep to show us the hot spots. At 3 in the afternoon we saw a big group of pigs on the run. Keith pulled up is 300 mag as the rest of us plugged our ears. Kerblammy! clean miss. We continued driving around and saw coyotes, deer, bobcats, and another group of pigs. This time Keith pulled up and KERBLAM! What a shot! Nailed a fencepost dead cener.

I soon learned I didn't bring enough cold weather clothes. I'd guess it was in the mid 40's after the sun went down. We were all cold. Chopper went to go get Tim who had showed up in his big rig. On their way back to the cabin he shot a nice sow. Last to show up and the first to kill a pig! At dark we all met back at the cabin and barbequed the tri tip. Tasty stuff.

Saturday morning...Oh man I am going to stick a pig. At first light,I started working slowly up a ridge top with the wind in my face and had topped out when I smell this sweet kind of stinky smell. "Smells like a pig", I thought. Walked another 10 yards and there he was...a loan massive boar about 120 yards away working his way up the ridge from my left to right. He was big boar with visible tusks without binoculars. I tried to intersect him, but he spent more time walking than feeding. The closest I got was 62 yards (laser rangefinder). Just out of my archery comfort zone. He was the only big I saw that morning, but I smelled several other in the thick nasty brush. As it warmed up I went back to the cabin, grabbed the Ruger 10/22 and went for a drive. Whacked lots of squirrels and while driving down this ravine a coyote busts out just feet from the pickup. I hop out for an easy 35 yard shot and missed. he put the after burners on and I dead centered his butt in the cross hairs. The bullet was faster than him.

I met up with Rick, Dan, Tim and they had located a water hole that was used that morning. I went back to the cabin, got my archery gear, packed a lunch and went and sat on the water hole.

I'd been there maybe and hour when I heard the first bunch coming in. They are noisy! I felt the breeze change and they went quiet for about 10 seconds. Then a loud grunt and they took off through the brush. Then another group came in from the other side...same thing....Then another group...Damn that wind. I should have brought a tree stand to take me above ground level. Seeing that water hole hunting was very effective, but hopeless that day I double timed it back to the truck. As I was driving back to grab my rifle I heard a shot. Later I found out that was Dan with his big boar. I hurried down and found everyone crowded around a big pig on the hoist. Dan took a 200 yard shot with his wife's 7-08 and claims he hit it. I found no evidence of a hit. That big boar was so fat and out a shape the noise caused cardiac arrest. I'll guess no one wanted to spoil his moment, because no one agreed with me.

With a little shooting light left I told Chopper"I want one like that" pointing to Dan's boar. He said lets go!

Rick Keith and I piled into the Jeep and went to the "swamp". A green field where the pigs feed. From way off we spotted one pig. I couldn't tell if it was a boar or not. Chopper looked at it with his binocs and said "big boar!" Just then that boar hit the gas and took off towards the trees. I swung the Ruger 77 300 win. on him and fired once, twice, three times. Each shot felt right on the money, I led by a body length each time. Finally the pig started slowing down then stopped.

We hurried out and that boar was very much alive. I pulled out the .357 and whacked him right behind the ear. Tough pig. Two of the three rifle shots were right on the money, both rounds through the vitals. I couldn't believe how tough these critters are. He was a good boar! 2.5 inch tusks and weighed 208 pounds. Black as coal. We loaded him up and went to go find Keith and Rick a pig.

What a luck, they jumped a bunch right off the road and both connected. Keith got a nice boar and Rick a big sow.

Man, I had a good time! Chopper offers a great opportunity to harvest a trophy hog. I want to go again! Thanks Chopper! Rick you're a gentleman and a scholar for setting up the hunt. Dan, you're a heck of a rifleman! Keith I won't call you a rifleman, but I'll share camp with you anytime!!!
Tim, get your rig pointed this way next year, because I want to do it again! Next time I'll bring a tree stand and stick to the bow.

I'll post pics later.

T Bone
By the way, T-bone let us know that it was his pan in Moosie's famous photo...and he still has it! I told him that he ought to auction it off on e-bay!

Great story, Tyson - and darn close to the truth! ;)

Thanks for not telling them about how my gun's safety broke, had to take it apart and put it back together, and then missed the first hog I shot at. Darn old Remington 700 safety! :mad: (Right after Keith got his boar.) I redeemed myself a half hour later by using Chopper's rifle on a lone sow running on a hill.

When skinning my boar I took a little extra time and caped it. I just sold it to a taxidermist here in town for $50. What the heck, it pays for gas. I'll boil out the skull and do a euro mount.

Work is crazy this week so I'm not going to have time to cut up the meat this week so I'm taking it to a place here in town. I'll mostly do sausage.

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