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Calif. Hunter - 4,000+ fps .22 Hornet


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Dec 10, 2000
I just ordered some 25 grain .224 bullets and a reloading manual from JRP Custom Bullets in Whitehall NY. after reading an article on them in Rifle Shooter magazine. Test results with the 25 grain pill were 3,900+ fps out of a Meachem low wall. He is working on a 19 grain bullet he expects to have ready in a month or so that will bust 4,000 out of a regular Hornet. Cost for the bullets was $20.00 per hundred Moly-coated. Will let you know how they shoot as soon as I can get them in my grubby hands and load some up.
WOW! I will definitely be interested to hear how they shoot! I imagine they might not be good in the wind or at extremely long ranges, but with a Hornet, you don't plan on shooting at 300 yards anyway, right? They ought to be dynamite on small varmints! :D
They had one 200 yd. 5 shot group pictured that measured just over an inch outside edge to outside edge.
They did report some vertical stringing and some differences of up to 145 fps between shots due to the extremely light bullet, but out of 200 shots fired at center of mass on a groundhog target, not one shot was out of the kill zone
Fman, if the bullets that showed the 145fps spread were moly coated that wouldn't surprise me. When I tried moly coated bullets in my 223, a 22-250, and my Swift, they all 3 showed a definate wider spread in muzzle velocity than the uncoated ones I usually use. Consistant accuracy went away also using the moly coated bullets.
I'd just guess that bullets that small would about have to be moly coated in order to survive the trip down the barrel at those speeds. Let us know how these perform.;)
Not long ago someone sent me a mail about where a fellow was getting around 5000fps out of 30 or 35gr bullets out of a 220 Swift, and getting 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch groups out of it. Sounded too much like potential throat problems to me though.
Fatman, I read that same article. They mentioned using Norma 123 powder. I have not been able to find a source for that specific powder. Have you? I did some checking and the burning rate for N 123 is between H 110 and R 110. That should make the Hodgdon or even W296 an excellent candidate for this trial. Let us know how it works for you.
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