Bwana's 2007 buck


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Dec 10, 2001
North Dakota
Opening weekend of the ND deer season was tough around our area with too much corn still standing. My in-laws hunting 25 miles away, and others I talked to, were running into the same thing, where are all the deer? Answer: in the corn fields.

To give an example; every year Dad and I get up to go scouting before the noon opener to see if we can locate a nice buck or three and we always leave in the dark. Two years ago while making the rounds we counted 42 deer, this past Friday the count was 2!

Anyway, we walked cattails sloughs all afternoon on Friday and ended the day with Dad and I each took a doe and my wife shot a small buck. Saturday we pushed through another cattail slough and only had one deer sneak out the side so we went back through it. This time a small buck broke out that nobody was interested in but towards the very end a nice 4-pointer jumped out and the neighbor kid filled his tag.

We then walked the river bottom and near the end of the walk I noticed a buck coming in from behind me. It was tough to get a good look at it as it was ghosting through the trees and brush but from the brief glimpses it looked like a decent buck. After having not seen hardly any bucks in the last day, I guess I was getting a bit antsy. In hindsight I should have waited to get a better look at the buck but I didn't and here is the result. Not a bad buck but not what I waited 2 years to shoot. Oh well, at least we will have sausage this winter.