Broadheads for my wife??


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Feb 16, 2003
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I'm sure this has probably been asked in the past but I'm gonna ask anyway. I need some opinions on some good light 75 or 85 grn broadheads. My wife has decided she wants to give hunting a try, starting with bear this spring. She's been shooting 3-d for a year and is shooting really well. Her bow is set at 47#, she's shooting about a 300grn arrow at 225ft/sec. Given this "light" set-up, what do you think the deepest penetrating broadhead available in 75-85 grns is? I have been looking on the net at the following heads: 1. Rocky Mountain premier 75
2. Muzzy 75
3. Steel Force Titanium Sabertooth 75
4. Wasp hammer SST 75
5. Thunderhead pro 85
That steel force titanium is one mean lookin head! Being as her shot will have to be less than 30 yds we can afford to give up a wee bit in the accuracy department in favour of deep penetration. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, specially if you hunt with a set-up similiar to this!
I'm not sure you will find a broadhead with better penetrating capability than the Steel Force. I shoot a two blade version and it seems to work very well.

The cut on contact of the SteelForce will be better for penetration through tissue than the chisel tips on the others. That's an awful light set up, so every bit counts! Good luck!

In my opinion any of the listed broadheads would work fine for deer sized game with the setup you descibed. Use whatever shoots best. I'm a Thunderhead fan, so I'd opt for them.

If she's hunting for elk, moose, or bear I'd lean toward a cut on contact broadhead.

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I to am a thunderhead fan! Been using them for 10+ years. That being said you can't go wrong with the steelforce either! Personally, I feel as long as she gets a weel placed shot on the critter, both will work fine!

Well thanks for the help folks! Between this post and one on another site, the steel force seems to be the overwhelming favourite for penetration! I think we will be going with the steel force titaniums 75grn. Hopefully I will have a report for ya on how they worked for her after the spring bear season!
Willy , YoungRobinHood shot thunderheads last year at 42#. He did kill but didn't get a pass through, so in the middle of the season I switched him to the steelforce. Never had another shot but it has to penetrate more.

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