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BOW or Rifle ?!?!


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Just wondering what the "MASS's" are chasing elk with this year ? I'll be sticking to the Trusty 300 MAG.

What are you gonig to be using ?
I will chasing with the .280. Someday maybe bow, but there is too much other hunting going on at the same time that sparks my intrest right now.
If I draw NM its archery. 24 days will tell

If I don't.......????????
I'll take what I can get OTC
I will start out as soon as fire season ends with my trusty bow, then move to rifle for the rest of the year!!!
Just like past years, this year will be no different. I will be hunting with a rifle, just don't know which one I will be using yet.
I'm going to be using my trusty rifle..My dads Savage .30-06..I'll be using that one until I get an cow elk in each of the 11 western states, or when I shot a royal bull...

The thought crossed my mind to take the wife and let her nag my bull to death. But...I would'nt want the RSPCA after me for animal cruelty. Since I don't have a gerbal cannon....I guess I'll use the same Winchestester Featherweight that has been so sweet to me the last 2 years. Perhaps next year I'll go with the Ninja Stars or the trusty hockey stick.
I'll be chasing them around the hill with my bow again this year. Just a matter of weeks now till the Utah bow season opens up.

I'll be elk hunting with my low recoil Browning BAR in .308 and 2X to 7X scope. I like to hit 'em twice. Fast second shot.
ka-POW ka-POW pause thud. Works like a charm every time.

A bull hit twice with my .308 and short 20 inch barrel has way more damage to his vitals than just one hit with a 300 Weatherby. Dis-believe me? Do the math or study wound channels some time.
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be hunting them with Internet Explorer. I won't be up and around till goose shooting time.

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Brokfut, Good luck with the Operation. Hopefully we'll do ya justice here at like we usually do
And you know We'll pack your Ass to the Goose blind if your Foot aint fixed !!!!

Roadtrip, You planning a Idaho trip again ? If so We NEED to hook up, 3 years running we can;t be missing each other bud !!!

JAck O'conner, You going to spot them With your Tasco Bino's first

Weathered horh, May the force be with you bud.

Kirkl, rem 270, Rumor has it that isn't enough gun .... *WINK*

Hunterman, the 30-06, good gun for the Redneck we are eh ?

Steamer, What unit ya huntin' ?

JB Florida, You're not hinting at anything are ya ?!?! *SMILE*
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