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Bow hunters- Road hunting?


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Apr 3, 2004
In a box under a bridge
:confused: Boy this makes no sense to me at all. When we were out bird hunting last week in northeastern Montana we stop and talked to many ELK bow hunters driving around LOOKING for elk to hunt!?!? I always though that bow hunters needed to set and call up elk and deer.What would they do IF they saw Elk from the roads? Eastern Montana is quite open and not mush cover to sneak up on the Elk.We also most up some hunters(not on purpose),we were hunting up a draw
hunting birds(and shooting) only to find two camoed bow hunters set up at the top OOPS!PS we did tell them we didn't see any elk.


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Dec 10, 2002
Chugiak, AK
They can cover a lot of unproductive ground and hope to find some elk... Personally that is the number one reason why I have never hunted eastern MT, and really don't want to. The elk are concentrated in select spots and if you don't know where they are, relatively speaking, you would have to walk a long ways to find another likely spot. I supose if they did see somehting they could try to make a stalk and hope for the best.

I personally don't have a problem with road hunters... as I stay as far away from the roads as I can. To each his own...