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Mar 12, 2001
I was wondering how many of you hunt black bears with your bows??
Me personally I havn't shot a black bear yet with my gun,I've only shot them with my Bow.In Alberta,Canada in some areas we are aloud to hunt over baits so we don't have to do to much spot and stock for them.I havn't had a chance to go for grizzly yet,but if I do my 338 will be with me at all times and my bow will be no wheres found!!!!
i have and will again hunt bears with my bow!! last year was a hunt in maine which was a good hunt but, i didnt get a bear! i passed numerous smaller bears looking for the one i had seen the first night on stand.The bear i saw the first night was about 300-350 jet black with a buckskin colored muzzle he came in very spooky and never gave me the angle i needed for a good clean kill shot.I hunted hard for that guy after seeing him and knew he was close other times just could never get a shot on him.I did see other bears and debated taken a bear 150-175lb range but decided it wasnt the one i came for, so my quest for a larger bear is still alive!

i might be way wrong on this but lately ive been seeing bigger bears being taken by hound hunters than bait hunters, any thought on this ???????

wtail, will you take a shot on a bear even if you dont have the double lung shot ??? i passed a quartering away shot on the big bear and was told by numerous guys that night that i did the right thing ?? would you have shot ???? it always been stressed to me the broadside double lung with a bow and ive stuck with it but, i have taken many other animals in other positions i was just curious what you think about this ??



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I am not a archer But I have guided menny.I think there some of the best sportsman going.I think you should have taken that shot!!! Black bear don't die any harder than a deer,If you get a hole in their Boiler room there yours.You do need a looking away shot they will Jump a string quicker than a deer.Just behind the shoulder on a slight angel forward is the shot I would like.Them big bears get that way from being spooked or wounded at a bait and learn not to come in dering daylight.But them hounds find them in the morning LOL

We having fun yet//Tobey
You guys Want to See the Posting of Bears ..... Here in 3 weeks I will be out 24/7 Till I get my First Bear with a BOW....

I've taken only 3 with my rifle.. BUt this year...... Shhhhhhhhhhh-WACK!!!!!!!! BEar with a bow!!!!!!!

Wtail. Welcome to Glad to See ya posting!!!! Could ya share some Pictures With us???

I love BEAR HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!

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Tobey, your the first guy that said i should have shot!!! being a guide i respect that,lord knows i wanted to,my concern at the time was the angle wouldnt allow me both lungs and the shot would have been almost straight down and away.The bear came in checked the trail into the site then checked the trail to the stand and turned towards the pile i fully expected, since he seemed comfortable after checking the trails, for him to turn towards the pile giving me the shot i wanted.He didnt and continued going away from me eventually disappearing into the dense brush,when he turned and was walking away was my shot!!! knowing the vitals are smaller and located lower in the chest cavity and having alot of back to shoot through ,compiled with it being the first night out was also part of the reason for not shooting.I wish i had brought my muzzleloader
!! oh well i learned a few things and had a great hunt anyway!
Tobey, we might have to get together and run one them bears, especially if you keep posting pics of them little ones !!
nice looking bears!

wtail, thanks for the response and welocome to hunttalk !!! i wish ya the best of luck on your hunt and please keep us posted with stories and pics!


DKO you did the right thing if you don't feel good about the shot then don't take the shot.I hit a average size bear 2 years ago in Peace river(single lung)he ran 40 yards and stopped to rest his eyes for a long time.This year I might have a chance to go to Saskatchewan,Canada for bear.I'm hoping that it will all come together for me.You probably heard of that place,it is the province where the world rec whitetail was shot,they also have monster Bears there too. Are season starts in 2 weeks but we are aloud to set baits 2 weeks prior to the season opening we usually don't see any movement till the middle of April or end of april.Can't wait to go!!!!!!!!Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!
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