Boots & antiscent products


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Oct 31, 2018
Hello all!!

I previously owned the baffin impact snowboots. They were waterproof & well insulated for warmth but heavy. I somehow lost them, I know who loses boots?! I guess I do?!
So I purchased the baffin snogoose boots, I found they were $100 cheaper for a reason, they were warmish..until I stepped in a puddle on the way to my blind last season. I sat in my blind with my boots off and hand warmers tucked inside my socks and my legs tucked under my butt for warmth. The next day I strapped my snogoose boots to my pack and wore my daughter's insulated rain boots for my walk out. My feet were dry but COLD by the time I got to my blind so I was thankful I had strapped the snogooses to my pack.

So I'm looking for women's boot opinions. My old man has the Men's baffin titans and has suggested I buy these in a smaller size...but even just clomping to the mailbox in those I don't find them to be all that warm.

I'm also wondering if anyone has found scent blocking shampoo that doesn't destroy your hair?! And does conditioner exist?! I have very long hair, during hunting season it goes in to braids to stay out of my face, I love my hair & I hate how much the products I have tried seem to cause such damage.

Thank you and happy hunting!

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Nov 18, 2014
Almost North Dakota, not quite Canada
I had never heard of Baffin boots so had to google them. Those look hard to hunt in.

Where are you, and what kind of temperatures are we talking about? Do you strictly hunt from blinds, or are you an active hunter (spot and stalk or hiking)? I guess my recommendations might depend on those.

A good pair of insulated pacs can be great. I have some Schnee’s Hunter IIs that are great for cold weather and snowy active hunts. I also wear them for late season field hunting waterfowl and ice fishing, but much below about -10 and I need to move around periodically to keep my feet warm. For more rugged country, I usually wear my Kennetrek Insulated Mountain Extremes. Great foot and ankle support, and I haven’t noticed cold toes yet.


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Oct 4, 2018
As an overall great boot I've got the Meindl Women's Lady Denali hunting boots I got from cabelas. They've held up really well being beat between hunts and work, seeing a lot of miles over rough terrain. They're warm in the snow, and fit great, and with my waterproofer as long as I keep the water below the tops I've never had a leak. They've been working great for me so far.


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Jul 31, 2016
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There is a shampoo and conditioner called "Free & Clear" out on the market that is scent free, you could try on Amazon and or a Walgreen's if you got one near you. I am personally not a die hard believer in scent control, but do practice it. I think most products for scent control work to a point, but doesn't eliminate your odor completely. Honestly i think all it does it trick the animals into thinking that your a hundred or 200 yards away instead of actually being 10 yards away. So it does work, but to an extent. As for boots, i think a bit more information would be helpful, the only thing i would suggest is possibly getting overboots, a few of my friends have them and swear by them in cold weather.