Books on Bears and Cats


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Jan 23, 2008
Eastern Idaho
15 Books on bears, and 2 on lions, in excellent condition - $50 plus shipping costs
Would likely be able to meet someone local here in eastern Idaho

Great Montana Bear Stories - Ben Long
Ghost Grizzlies - David Peterson
Tales of a Bear Hunter - Dalton Carr
Mark of the Grizzly - Scott McMillion
The only Good Bear is a Dead Bear - Jeanette Prodgers
The Lost Grizzlies - Rick Bass
Great Wyoming Bear Stories - Tom Reed
Do It Yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting - Ken Nordberg
Bears I Have Known - Bob Murphy
Some Bears Kill - Larry Kaniut
Alaska Bear Tales (2 copies) - Larry Kaniut
More Alaska Bear Tales - Larry Kaniut
Grizzly Years - Doug Peacock
and of course.........
Among Grizzlies - by the late Timothy Treadwell

Cougar Attacks - Kathy Etling
Spirit of the Rockies, The Mountain Lions of Jackson Hole