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Bobcats without dogs?


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Dec 15, 2000
Enumclaw, Wa. USA
Is it reasonably possible to hunt bobcats
without dogs? I've never seen a bobcat in
the woods, although I've seen afew cougars.
Would love to put one in my den, but I have
my doubts about getting lucky enough to see
one without dogs. Just wondering if anyone
else out there has ever scored one of those
little cats without dogs, and if so, please
tell me your story, and give me some helpfull
hints if you have any. Thanks
Being a long time fox/predator hunter, I think that you are under rating a good mouth call or electronic call.

I have called in countless bobcats, using a squealing rabbit call or tape.
Unfortunately Ohio doesn't have a open season them!Many times I have called them as close as 10-15 feet.One came within 5 feet-spectacular!!!!!!!

Bobcats have always been very slow and cautious in coming into the call.It has always taken about 1/2 hour of calling to get them into viewing range.But they are worth going to the extra trouble just to be able to see one!!!

I am going back to Arizona the beginning of February,with Big D.We are going to be chasing yotes,bobcats, and mountain lions using my electronic caller.It is gonna be a GREAT HUNT !!!

Any more Q's,-just ask! Good Hunting !




Nice Handle! Thanks for the reply. Your
right, I don't know squat about how to
hunt these cats. I live in western Wa
pretty close to the Mt Ranier Park in
the Cascade Mtns. I know we have bobcats
around, and my hunting partners have seen
afew over the years. Our season here is
Sep-March15, and night hunting is allowed.
Is this a good season? Also, how much money
would ot take to get set up hunting these
creatures? I'm interested, but don't want
to spend a fortune. Thanks for any help,
and Merry Christmas.
Spotted owl:
I used to hunt them right in your back yard in the early 80's and late 70's
I had a place that was to the west of crystal mt ski resort/ and over by ah crap the town slipped my mind. buts its within 20 mile of enumclaw. if you go over chinook pass when you come down the big hill all the way to the bottom. take a left which is north.Also bumper lake was a hot spot back than.

Grim reaper, which tapes do you use for bobcats and cougars. I just bought a Johnny Stewart caller (or should I say, I told my wife she bought me one for Christmas)
and am negotiating on ebay for a remote for it. The area in Central Oregon where I am having a house built is supposed to have a great population of cougars and bobcats and the coyotes are rampant. I haven't had a chance to use the caller yet, but I bought a whitetail fawn in distress tape for the big cats and coyotes. On top of the tapes it comes with. I hope it also works for the bobcats.
Any advice? Sure appreciate it.- Sheister
BTW- do you know where a guy could pick up a good Ghillie suit for a reasonable price? About the only place I know of that has them wants $150- is this a good price? Thanks

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I my self never use dogs to hunt bobcat, we have so many that we don't need them here.
I have taken many bobcats and love hunting them, It helps to do some scouting and find out where they like to stay alot of the time then just get the wind to your faver and go to calling!Give them time to get there here they are very slow to come to a call so take your time with them and give them time to get there.One thing I have found that will bring in the cat the best here that the woodpecker indistress call and the mouse squeeker works rather well, we have a no limit on them but can have as many as 20 on are person.

Guns Don't Kill Critters, I Do!

Thank you and the rest of you guys for the
advise. Heres another question? Do you hunt
them in the day or night? I wouldn't know
how to hunt them at night, I just know its legal. Also, do you use a rifle or shotgun
for these cats? Thanks
back in the 78 we used to hunt them at night in the wenas vally and area's around yakima.the way we did it was drive around stock tanks and rivers till we found a set of eye's then parked and called them in. here in az we have to do it in the day time.
One day a friend of mine and I decided to do some calling at night(no guns) wow that was a trip. the area's that i have hunted many years almost everyweekend had animals that i didnt even know where there.Its was an erei feeling not having a gun.its alot of fun. I'm going coon hunting tuesday night here in AZ(the only thing we can hunt at night). I will let you know how it turns out. we will be hunting from a bass boat while fishing.



Thats sounds kinda fun prowling around at
night. Heck, my brother in law just bought
me a nice spot light for my birthday.Hummm,
gee, I wonder what I could use it for?
Spotted Owl and Sheister
,It really doesn't take that much to get set up predator calling now days.Some of the payers are priced at around $100.00,and go up from there.That along with a speaker, and some tapes,and you are in business!!!
I use a long range speaker exclusively ,for my calling.Just make sure the speaker has good sound,and no distorsion or hiss.
Don't forget that you have to use an amber colored light,or you will spook the cats when you hit their eyes.I have always called in the cats at night, using a cottontail rabbit in distress tape.They come in very slowly,and very cautiously -down wind. So,make good use of your cover scent(I use fox P),on a small pad on your clothes,on your boots,around where you are sitting,a few drops around your caller-and along the speaker cord! I use a 50 foot extension on my speaker cord,-to get their area of focus and attention away from me.I like the remote idea,but instead devised a timer to start my player with up to 1 hour delay.I plan on taking my coyotes,bobcats,and possibly a lion at long range,and want to be completely out of the picture when they come in.This will give me as much time as I need,to set up and get back to my position.

Sheister,I would say that the fawn in distress tape should be a good start.
I played with a mouth blown version last month in Arizona,with VERY POSITIVE RESULTS !!! But,I wouldn't write off the other tapes for effectiveness.
I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the squealing woodpecker tape.I watched a red fox from about 35 feet,come to and home in, like he was laser guided, to my speaker.I couldn't imagine any predator passing up any type of injured bird/animal free meal out in the wilds.
You will just have to experiment with the different tapes,-AND VOLUME.
One thing to remember:put your cover scent on your boots BEFORE you get to your huntng area.You don't want them to be circling in towards you,and run across your human scent.
I have never used(YET) a ghillie suit, most outdoor catalogs have them.But,they are expensive.....
Spotted Owl and Sheister-sorry for the book,but I have always loved predator calling!
Any more Q's-just ask!
Merry Xmas to you,and all members of Moosies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




You are the man! Thanks for the info. Wished
you lived a tad bit closer so I could tag
along some night and get some action. Thanks
for all the help. I'm definately rookie
status when it comes to any type of varmit.
SPOTTED OWL, I my self can not hunt at night in Oklahoma for here it is not legal to do so, so that leaves me hunting during the day.
I like to use my Remington 270 bolt action rifle with 90gr. sierra varminter hollow points at 3500fps.
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