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BEARS bears Everywere


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
WELL .. not exactly... We checked baitsites "B" and "C".... Nothing... Nothing at all... then Me and Elkturd went to Baitsite "A".. WOW...

We showed up not expecting much activity, Left the Bows at the truck... We got down to it and The 2 racks of bread we dumped was all gone. the barrel that we burried 1/2 way into the barrel in the ground was RIPPED out and only stayed around due to the HUGE cable we attached it to the tree with... NONE of the PAW prints proved to be any HUGE ones... but some medioker to smaller ones were around. Anyhting is agood start I guess.

I didn't have any photo stuff due to the HAIL and Snow that was coming down... BUt we did reset everything and hiked out and Got our hunting stuff...

We sat in the Treestands and waited.. It was actually fairly nice weather for a bit then THE hail came and Hard snow sfterwards. It only did it for about 15-20 mins but I was wet and cold and there was about 1" on the ground.

It was about 1/2 hour till dark and we saw our first bear. A cub made it's way to the barrel. The mom stayed high and Circles around. I'm pretty sure A bear was coming in from Below and the mom went to shoo it off. Some of the funny evens was when the bear came in it went straight to ElkTurds tree and Put it's paws on it. I almost fell out of my stand laughing. From my view Elktud looked cool and Calm but I'm guessing inside it's an Eery feeling having a bear coming up your tree.. 'specially when MOMS not in sight

It fed on the Barrle a bit and then dark came in.. We spooked it off and headed out the canyon, both shivering and cold, but happy to see the first bear of the season....

Hopefully the next few weeks will bring in more then just the cub... BUT reguardless, Ill have the Video cammera tomorrow sitting on the stand so hopefully we'll get some footage of something....
GATO.. WAS it a little sow and a baby cub ? Both Black ? I don't think the MOMMA weighed more then 100-125# MAX ??

See if you can catch the little one, and stuff him in that Tub o' Grease. Then you can haul him up to site "C", and turn him loose, for a bit of "mobile bait" for some big ole' boar.

I think I am headed up tomorrow or Wed. You up for setting up site "D"?

I got HONEY doe's out the WAZZOO... Tomorrow can't cuz wife has something.. Wed I'm heading out with Wylee I think, He's been on KID duty since Alexanra was born so He needs to get out for a turkey I think..... And Thursday got Company and Friday got a dinner....

SAT I'm getting some Expensive Cheese and doing something with it too... I think If we spruce up "B" and "C" we'll have something... I'm still hooked on that idea.... BUT maybe It's my PIPE dream ?

YOU out from next Fri to FRI ?~?
I think B and C will be fine too, just getting impatient, just wanting to make something happen. And now that A is getting activity, it just makes me think we'll get something going on the others, too.

I'll see if I can get one more set up, and maybe a second one on Wednesday. I'll take the GPS, so you can find them, if you want.

I got so damn much grease spilled in the back of my pick-up, I should just park it up in the mountains for a few days, and I could shoot them on the Tailgate...
I topok that greese out and set it on my Driveway... I think I live in the Trailer trash house of the Neighborhood... LOOKS cool with 4 new Vehicles parked outside.. but then thter is the Old Trailer.. THE raggady boat, the BAGS and BAGS of Bread, the Greese.... Funny how I have a driveway that should hold 8-10 cars in it and Can't park the few I have.... AND hell, the garage is full of jumk too... MOSTLY BREAD Wrappers from the bread

YAH, LOCK in the Positions.. then if you can't go next week, I'll swing somethnig that way.... HECK, I could even drop off a pork product or two
I did'nt look at them through binos or anything but they looked black at 5-600 yds.
NO pitures yet, I'm setting it up today actually .. I anted bears hitting good on it !!

PORK Product is exactly what it sounds like
the origional owner of BAcon and Choips... just a little more of it at Auction prices
Don't make me tell you what Expensive cheese is... It will make the Montana boys sad
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