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Dec 10, 2000
Sunday mourning I crawled out of bed and headed out deer hunting. I hunted until 9:00 and headed home to go to church w/ my wife. On my way home I decided to cut through a buddy's farm just to see if I could spot anything and maybe put a stalk on it. As I was easing around a field a caught movement out of the corner of my eye down in the edge of the woods. I parked my truck, put on my orange, grabbed my smoke pole and headed after it. I actually thought it was a coyote or a deer. I worked my way around the edge of the field to where I saw the movement. I sat there a little while and didn't see anything. I worked my way on around the field in the direction the movement was headed. I eased down in the woods and leaned up next to a tree. Here in a minute I heard something walking out in front of me. BEAR!!!! It was to thick to get a good shot at him right then. The bear was working his way around a bench that was just under the field. I let the bear walk out of sight and I headed back up to the field. Along the edge of the field was an old bulldozer pile that was about 200 yards long. I ran to the end of the pile and settled in next to a tree that was in a gap of the pile. There was about a 2' wide spot that I was standing in and I could see the bench down below me good. I stood there a couple of minutes and I heard him coming. It sounded like he was right on top of me and I couldn't see him. I turned and looked down the dozer pile and the bear was walking right down the side of it. When he came out in front of me he was about 5 yards. I tried to raise me gun and put the scope on him but every thing was blurry and black in my scope I couldn't tell where I was pointing. The bear then turned and started through the hole I was standing in. When he got about 2' from be I whistled at him and he stopped and looked up at me. I stuck the barrel about 6" from his shoulder and pulled the trigger. The force of the gun blew him complete over backwards and he turned about five flips going down the hill. He rolled up next to a tree and was dead. I just sat down and gathered my nerves...:D Now that’s bears at close range...:D

I will guess him around 225-250 lbs. I have a couple of pictures that I will post when I get them developed. I have some pictures of the other bears that were killed the first and second day of season. I will post them some time today, so check back...

My grandpa always tells a story just about like that but it was a deer instead of bear, I got within feet of a doe once and when she spooked she kicked out like a horse and came within inchs of kicking me in the chest. Congrats on the bear.
Thanks Gato, It was a little to close for me...
I think he would have walked right on by me if I would have just stood there.

Here is the bears we killed Oct. 1 & 2. The first two bears weighed right at 200 lbs. each and the last one weighed 125.



Here is a picture of us standing around camp. I'm not in the picture.


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WAY TO GO MB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for MORE PICTURES !!!! BIG Moosie Congrats... I think I would Have had to Field dress my Shorts :D :D :D
Thanks Guys, I have to burn up the rest of the roll on the camera and get them developed before I can post the pictures of mine. I was by myself so I just have a couple of pictures of my bear laying on the tail gate of my truck.
Great pics MB.
Here's one of mine. 396 lbs on a cattle scale. 20 10/16 B&C


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GM, Man what a BRUTE!!! I would to love find one that big. I saw one early in the season while I was baiting that I would guess to be 300, but he wasn't that big.... :eek: Did you get him over bait, w/ hounds, or was it a spot and stalk?

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