Area 24 Nevada Rifle


Apr 3, 2015
Drew a 24 tag after 12 years of no luck. Just curious if someone out there would be willing to offer an old Vet an inside tip or honeyhole they would be willing to share. I promise I can keep a secret. Might be my one and only shot at a Trophy buck in there. A generous season this year and banner moisture should give an edge for a nice one but as anyone who has hunted around that part of the state a large area and a lot of ground to cover. Sure would be nice to have an edge.


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Jul 14, 2013
Congrats on the great tag, there are some real monsters in 24. I won't give you any spots but I will tell you to look in areas that you wouldn't really think hold deer. Such as more desert type terrain. I have seen a number of bucks come to waterholes in the desert while dove hunting there.


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Sep 2, 2016
There are a few good places to check out in that unit. I've taken a junior hunter in their a couple times, and both times he filled his tag, and both times he missed a chance at a big one. (once caused by a buck fever miss, and once by a blown stock). I never share information that was given to be, but I'm an open book to places that I've found.

Clover Mountains - It's a big range, but I've seen some good bucks (one killed by an archery hunter a few years back that topped 200") just north of the unit 271 unit above the Tule Desert, around Garden Mountain. If you like hiking and want to get away from pressure, Fife Canyon up Pine Creek is a great place to check.

Oak Springs Summit - Awesome area to check out. While scouting it, I saw the truck of a very popular nonresident hunter who hunts that unit often with land owner tags. He seems to know what he's doing. Don't think you need to get to far away from the pavement. There are some good glassing points that are best accessed if you park off the side of the paved road and hike to it. The deer don't move a lot in there, but the ground makes it easy to see tracks. Once you find some long and deep tracks, stick to that area and make sure you have a good vantage point early morning and late at night. The brush is deceivingly tall and you have to be looking at the right place at the right time to see them move. Mid day glass the shaded side of the trees.

Miller Bench - I've seen one big buck in here, but plenty of big deer tracks. The broken country just east of the fields is a great place to check out but very difficult to glass. If your looking to just fill a tag, this is where I would go. For me, its the most fun off the areas I listed. Hike from high point to high point glassing for deer. You can't glass more then a couple hundred yards even though its not heavily wooded because of how broken it is. Theres just something about peaking over these small ridges, quickly glassing (doesn't take long to look over everything well, then heading to the next one.

What I normally do is glass near Oak Spring Summit morning and night, then hunt Miller Bench area during the day. Garden Mountain was a little too difficult to take a junior hunter so I've never been in there during the season. Normally I'm coyote hunting or trapping when I'm in there.