AR301 Utah Archery Bull


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Aug 30, 2002
Here's a pic of my 03 Utah archery bull. I don't know if the pic will show or not and if not I'm sorry, I'm not real puter literate. My puter won't show all images sometimes and I don't know why. Hopefully the URL works.
Awesome hunt! I shot him the 4th day of my hunt on August 26th.

You need to change the URL, the only thing that shows is the thumbnail and we cant see anything!! Congrats anyway. give us a detailed story!
My magnifing glass isn't showing me much, but it looks like a nice bull, congrats and wheres the story!!!
Congrats on the bull, but I'm not 25 eny more. So it looks like a deer to me right now

How about a new pic and of course a story to go along with it.

Success meens lots of good BBQ'n for a year

He sent me the pics, here it is

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Ride'm my kid would say "SWEET"!! Very nice, congrats... Story next?

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Well Folks,
Not much of a story. My buddy in PA made the trip to Utah a little over a week before I did to set up camp. He took the quads and so forth. I flew into Salt Lake city on 23 August in which he picked me up! I got to camp about 3 p.m. that afternoon. I assembled my bow ( wanted to shoot a couple arrows, No time) threw my cami's on and off we were hunting. That evening my buddy missed a big 7X7. Well we hunted hard for the next 4 days observing bulls here and there and hearing some bugling. One morning we were glassing a canyon and heard 2 bulls fighting down in there. Eventually one of the bulls stepped out so we could get a look at him. He looked like a nice bull. Anyway, that morning was uneventful so we were formulating a plan for the evening hunt. While formulating a plan that afternoon I started getting depressed. I had been chasing bulls for a few days now and I was in alot of pain from my auto accident last year. I mean alot of pain! I started taking a look around at the mountains and was cringing at the thought of walking up and down them. I was in pretty good shape going out but, the pain in my hip was just too much! Well, We discussed my pain and we decided to go check a water hole to maybe throw a satand up for me. We got to the wter hole which was quite a ride away and did find some track. It appeared to be a fairly poular camping site so that discouraged me a bit. Anyway, we made our way back to camp and I was sitting there in my depression and cussing myself for having gotten in the accident. Well, after sulking awhile I told myself I'm here to hunt elk and have a good time and whatever happens happens. So from that point I sucked it up and moved on. I asked my buddy where he thought he may hunt that evening. He thought he may go around the mountain and go in at the bottom of the canyon where we saw the bull that morning. He asked what I was going to do and I told him I would tough it out and go in with him. The terrain didn't look that bad down in there. Our plan was to hunt and call for each other the entire hunt. Well we rode our quads down a road to the backside of the area, grabbed our gear and off we went. We cut up over a small ridge and dropped off into a small park not far from the trail. We were taking our time walking a few steps at a time and listening. We reached the other side of the park and stopped at the edge of the woods. We were standing there and I heard the thunder of hooves. I turned to my buddy and whispered I just heard elk! Well He stands there and doesn't acknowledge me. Next thing I know he reaches for his water bottle, A plastic deer park bottle!! Anyway, he takes a drink and goes to put it back in his pack. Well, plasctic crinkles and the bottle ins making this noise!! I'm looking at him like he is crazy!! So I'm standing there staring at him like he is nut, then I figure maybe he is just disgusted because he thought we blew elk out of there! Well, after my looks could kill stare, I said hey, I just heard elk!! Well, turns out he didn't hear me the first time. My buddy has tubes in his ears and doesn't hear that good. Well, I no more and said I heard elk, he asked where, I turned to point where and here comes antlers throuh the woods toward us! I said don't move as I'm scrambling to get an arrow out of my quiver. I had just put new foam in my quiver because it was pretty chewed up from sliding broadheads in and out of it. I'm wrestling with the damn arrow as the elk is walking on a ridge on a slight incline in front of us. I finally got my arrow nocked and I raised my bow up ready to draw. I said cow call! cow call! He did and the bull stopped dead as I came to full draw. Problem!!! He stopped with his vitals partly behind a tree! So I bent completely over at the waste and aimed for the aft portion of his lungs! Hell, it all happened so fast I didn't even have time to judge the distance! I knew it was over 20 and under 40! So I found my 30 yard pin placed it on the aft portion of his lungs aiming about mid body! Phew!! shafts gone, elks gone, and I'm standing there wondering what the hell is going on! My buddy let out a few cow calls and I guess the bull stopped! I was so charged up I was on cloud 9!! Did I hit him, whats up? I asked my buddy, did I hit that dude? He just laughs and starts taking off! I grabbed him, eyes as big as saucers and said where you going? He said to get the bull you got him good! He down! I said hold up man let him lay for at least 15 before we go over there! Well we heard the death moan, and walked slowly to where he was standing. I still wasn't convinced that I hit that dang elk! My arrow laid about 10 yards from where I hit him covered from tip to tip with good blood! I knew then for sure I got a good shot on him! We started following the blood (it was everywhere) went 60-70 yards and my buddy grabs me and points! There he laid!!!!!!! Thunderhead 100 and the Hoyt Intec did it again! After 20 min of pics we got to workin on getting him quartered up! Luckily in my condition we were able to the the quads right to him! So we loaded him up (several hours later) and off to camp we went! It was an awesome hunt! So After that we had about 16 days to hunt! I walked up and down mountains and humped a 25 lbs pack and called to try and get my buddy his elk! It never happened. He did have some close calls and missed a 350+ class bull on the last day! But, it was another elk hunt I will not soon forget!

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