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Another one down


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
WARRENTON, OREGON - A six-seat airplane hit an elk while taking off from Astoria Regional Airport early Tuesday morning and erupted in a fireball, an airport official said.

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Let's see if I've got this all correct,,,,,

An Elk wandered on to the runway and was struck by a learjet that was taking off. This all occurred at Astoria Oregon which is on the coast.
Now this learjet was under contract to the Canadian Military, but only one of the four people aboard was military. The rest were civilians and it was flying on a Saturday night......

The plane was owned by a company in Georgia called Phoenix Air, which was formerly known as South East Air... of CIA fame.

The aircraft, after striking the elk, ran off the runway and burned to the ground as shown in the accompanying picture. People actually survived that? Sounds feasable, but really strange. I've seen lots of airplane accidents, and ???????????


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Didn't you realize that I was the one who first said that Kennedy was actually shot from a storm drain? He!He!.. I don't believe that anything happens by coincidence.. Especially when the gov't could be involved.....

"When all of the other possiblities have been eliminated, what's left, regardless of how preposteruous it sounds, is probably the cause!"

You beasts never once worried about the poor defensles elk that was just doing what it is programmed to do and now, it is probably dead like the two I wacked this year, or it could even be worse....Basterds all!!! :D :D :D
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