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Another degenerate joins the board.......


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Jan 16, 2002
Mark Hilyer, an alledged hetrosexual(those of us that know him think otherwise) has joined up. I'm sure his first request will be access to the adult forum, He will be dissapointed when he realizes that no penis pictures are allowed......

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They call him AZ402 because that supposedly is how many guys he's been with,but I know the truth. 402 is a conservitive number!I just call him FAGBOY!
Haha, I was just reading the thread on MM and laughing my ass off. I wasn't looking at name of the posters until I got to some yae-hoo talking about all these big MT bulls. Sure enough, it was some prick named Moosie.

Welcome aboard and I hope MT hunting treats you better in the future.

MM link

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MAN.. I can Kick some Serious ASS huh
Buuahahah !!!

Beardown, Welcome Aboard Mate, AZ402 calls this place Home, I've rescued him from a Sinking Ship
DID you figure out this site by looknig at my Profile or DID Stanus have to Email you the link ?

HAHA.. Either Way, Welcome aboard 'Mate !!

MtMiller, If they were Talking about Montana Deer, I'd of Used a Picture From you. But since they were talking "BULL" I figured you don't know BULL so I couldn't use you as an Example

Beardown, Welcome to Mi CASA !!!!!!
Hey Moosie and everyone I just want to say blow-me!.......
Anyhow thanks for saving me and yes Moosie, FagBoy pulled me out of another jam.I have to say MM really blows! I wasted two great obnoxious jokes on there piss poor site, only to have all my glory struck down by the man!They were on General Hunting, you know the one where you have to login and take the heat from the general public, kinda like walkin the walk or shut the hell up! Yeah well I walked the walk and talked that talk,and you know I was'nt hiding behind some fake name. No I was walkin thin ice just to see if it would break! And it did! They cancelled me! Twice!!!!!.......All I can say, you S.O.B.'s at MM will miss me and you can kiss my ASS!!!!
Thats why i like this place too, not a bunch of pansies looking for a fight, or to boost some ego's. We can take a insult and dish them out. Beardown, eat s$#t, and welcome to Hunt Talk
LOL Beardown, we have our Limits here too.

We need to get back into that discusion about why AZ is better then other states. I still haven't figured that one out.

Anyways, Have you guys heard from Travis yet ? I called and Left a Message but never heard from him. It should have been good hunting in Unit 39 but some days were Warmer and I'[m afraid he's hunting Crunchy Snow. When is he heading back to AZ ?
I see that Mark Hilyer has already changed his handle on this site to Beardown. Here are a few other names he was going to use before he changed his handle.

1. Almost2inches
2. suckysucky$10
3. Wildturkey=dirtyundies
4. Imabottom
5. Sheepwhisperer
6. I-missed-again
7. Coorsmakesmefight
8. Dick Detective
9. ShortSlong
10. GaybarLVR

So if you see any of these names moosie, they don’t go towards your goal of 2000 members. It is just Mark changing his handle again.

Oscar, Trav was having cell phone trouble up in ID. They saw a ton of deer and some good bucks.
Hey LB. How you been doing? Long time no chat. Reading some of these post brought the past back . I just hope I will be able to sleep tonight now.
stan you forgot .. "baredownthere"

Merry Chistmas to you guys.. hope santa was nice to you..
You guys are nuts!!
I love it!! Dang!! I didn't know how cold laughin' tears would make your coffee!!!
You said it Paws, they are nuts. All night long I had dreams of Moosie and that pan. He kept trying to hand it to me and I was to scared to take it. Now thats just not like me so it was a real nightmare.

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Greenhorn, you are right. He is often baredownthere at the request of his "partner". It give's his "partner" a clearer aim for a good donkey-punch..........