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Nov 22, 2001
Tooele Utah
Since we have been talking about mass and width of muleys on other threads I thought I'd ask how you all felt about things like drop tines, kickers, cheaters, clubs, etc.

I prefer a nice typical buck myself, but some guys love those other points. However, I am still kicking myself in the butt for passing on a cactus buck this year. He was only about 20 inches wide and 24 tall. Had snarly points going every where and a softball sized club that droped below his left eye. Shoulda knocked him over, oh well.
So what do you guy like?

I have no preference at all. The only big rack I want are on a woman! :D

Vipe allowed me to post this so if ya dont like it take it up with her.
Sure everyone likes them purdy semetrical racks,and I sure wouldn't turn one down if it comes my way. I hunt for them, but my honest opinion is "you can't eat horns". So if a deer comes my way I take it, no matter whats on it's head.

P.S. Just got done eating the ribs outa the doe I took Fri. morning.:D :D :D Never did fill my buck tag. :D
I honestly have no preferance wether symetrical or non-typical.......though I notice many non-typicals seem to be big, as if they have so much darn calcium input that the points just start poping up everywhere! :eek:

When I see a buck that "stands out" to me........that is the one I want.....
I really like the unique racks. I'd love to see a drop tine buck during hunting season. Some day...

I think I would like a large non-typical, knarly horned buck with drop tines. Those are generally referred to as "Trash Factor" bucks. They may not make book, but they sure are something to talk about.

Women on the other hand, should have sleek typical racks. (Vip let me post this too, so... :D ) :cool:
up here in maine if its got antlers its usual down. woods pretty thick to determine points. if you let a buck go you might not see another the rest of season. cann't eat antlers.
if I had the choice, which I never had, between a nice symetrical rack and a non-typical of even mass, I would down the non-typical. :cool:
I like the uniqueness of a non-typical, I dont see many of them though.

Like DS said, either hes a shooter or he aint, I have learned to let them walk if I start second guessing.
From the past 25 years ,I have a collection of antlers. I have found ,cant make soup outof either. good to hang hat on tho. LOL
doe cooks as well as buck does. Its legal in ark to kill 2 doe and 2 bucks. Or 4 does by bow. But if a Barnicle comes along I will add it to my collection.
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