May 11, 2004
Little Rock, AR
JDE and me are off to Alberta early saturday morning. We get to edmonton that day then my good friend and outfitter Chris McMinnon picks us up sunday morning and I fully expect jeff to have at least a 6 1/2 foot P&Y bear by midnight sunday night ;) . If not he'll surely stick one by weeks end. I don't plan to shoot a bear, I'm mainly along to fish, video, possibly shoot a wolf (i missed a dandy last time) and keep the BS and gibsons flowing which I can do. We are going to try to keep a good photo record of this hunt, and will post the pics upon our return. As with most trips I don't expect to get much work done the next two days.
We are hunting north of edmonton about 150-200 miles. the website is I've been there before, and took a nice black and a nice blonde bear. the fishing is as good as the hunting, so its a big time all around. I really like hunting Western canada, they seem to be alot like us there, except for the Hockey(soccer on ice).
One of my clients just got back from the Ft. McMurray area. He knocked down a couple.. one was a big ol boy that's gonna make P&Y

His lady friend also got her first bear, and her first ever snowstorm!

Good luck, and have a safe trip!!!
Good luck. Can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories...
The trip turned out really well. I managed to stick this bear on May 25th with the video camera running. He squared right at 7' and green scored 18 8/16" P&Y. I couldn't be happier with the way things worked out.
JDE, that is Truely a GOOD looking bear my friend !! I like the Water in the Background. Cool picture !!
My guiding and bear hunting expertise had absolutely nothing to do with his success. I was begging him to shoot a 6 footer the night before. he waited, even passed up a beautiful blonde (nearly white) 5 footer that was really too small, but most guys would have smoked it. He even caught bigger fish than me. thats what i get for taking him up there I guess.

JDE did get some very impressive video of me pushing a fish hook on through my 3rd finger and pulling it out the other side, thanks to gibsons finest rye, but other than that he was the star of the whole camp.

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