African Elk


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Dec 1, 2002
Kamloops, British Columbia
Since you guys liked the buff, here's the African equal to an elk.

Those fellas are looking everywhere for my 'eland'. I was playin jokes on them, I already found him and didn't say anything!!

Naw there trying to get the truck in closer to the critter. Those boys don't like to pack things very far.

Damn, I was way off! So I better give up my SCI scorers certification. I was looking at you in relation to the third spiral and not the kudu.
They sure can be tough to judge. I figure besides finishing out my Oceania gland slam on all game. New Zealand and OZ, (Only need a rusa and sambar) I will wait till I get my moose and brown bear before starting on more Africa game.
This year I will play with some whitetail, pigs and wait for another alberta Blackie , wolf and northern combo trip.
I need to decide what I am going to do next fall. So many animals, so hard to choose

How far did ya shoot him...and what with?
I just got mine from the taxidermist last week! But i've got to build a pedistal that matches the brides furniture.
Who did ya hunt with?

Great photo!

PS: LMAO...why are those guys holding up a tree...because thier boss told them to ;)
I musta missed this one. That is a great looking striped cow, and those horns are to die for..Congrats and way to go... :D :D :D

The horns look small in that photo, rookie photographer.


I pumped him at 80yds+- with a 350gr Barnes X out of a Sako chambered in 416 Rem Mag, DOES A BODY GOOD!!


Its kindof the zebra/antelope all in one thingy, ya know!!

Oh ya I went with my hunting partner, aka Dad.

Here he is with his striped cow (professional photography).


That is one BIG GUN!
80 yards is close in the terrain you were hunting for a kudu.

I bought a 416 after I returned from Africa.
Its a 416 Hoffman on a rem action.
So it is basically the same as 416 rem.
If you reload, what powder and grains are you using?

I want to go back for Buffalo and Leopard
and now I'm thinking maybe I could swing Lion if I go to Zim or Tanz.
We will have to see how the cash flows, I'm probably 2 years away as of now though.

I gonna wack a doe with it this week or next.
Cant wait! ;)

I'm currently loading 86gr of Varget with 350gr Barnes X for about 2670fps. These are 1gr under max for my rifle and didn't show any pressure signs in ZImbabwe. Make sure if you use this info you start at about 80gr.

Post a pic of your doe after you pump her, I'm curious!!

Elkhunter, the guys are lookin for this striped cow under a stump to the left, unfortunately its off the screen.


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Beautiful Kudu, Goat. Did I understand correctly that you took it in Zimbabwe? My step-father and I hunting the Devuli Ranch years ago and took a real nice kudu bull, scored in the high 40's I believe...

I've been dreaming of going back ever since.
Thanks fellas

Hope you guys have an awesome Xmas and best of luck in the New Year

Heres our take for the hunt.

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