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Sep 11, 2020
The number 1s I have kept are all 1moa or a little better, the target is my 257 roberts at 300 yards a couple of days ago. that would be about .25 moa. When they shoot they shoot. I think the 257 could do a lot of work/ the 275 even more in Africa. I love my 375s but I really like the 300s. I’m betting for antelope the 6.5 prc could become a favorite.
Sounds like you have an ample arsenal of weaponry at hand. 😀 Some of the bigger antelope take a pretty good punch. I hit my last kudu a little low at 440 yards with PH's 270 WSM and we had to run him down in thick stuff. No exit and no blood. But we knew he was very sick. Property owner on the radio was watching from a mile away and saw it lay down twice. Still, we were lucky. It was late in the day. Fortunately he ran into an old fenceline and didn't have enough gas left to jump over (they can clear an eight foot barrier). The tracker and I stumbled onto him standing there about done for. That night when the PH reset his scope, he discovered he didn't get the clicks right for windage adjustment. I think the problem was range finder binocs and scope turret were not on the same system of measurement. He uses Barnes bullets. Not sure of the weight. I'm told zebra can take a lot of punishment too. Most airlines will let you pack two rifles (Air Canada allows three as I recall). I think taking the 6.5 and 300 H&H would be a great choice then borrow a .375 from the lodge if you decide on buffalo or eland. If buffalo or other non-elephant dangerous game are about he'll probably be packing one anyway. I'm only taking the Springfield this time. If something real special pops up in the next zipcode there's always my PH's gun at hand. Previous trips I've taken a second rifle for the lodge owner (416 Rigby CZ first trip and 45-90 double rifle second trip). Leaving a rifle there is VERY complicated. Dont't try it without expert assistance! Hauling around a double gun case in the airports is a big pain in the ass. They just don't stay on the carts and a real bitch to carry in hand and deal with rest of the baggage. My new single gun Pelican will be here on Friday ($139US). Make sure your carryon has shoulder straps (to free up hands for gun case) and make sure your checked baggage DOES NOT. Joberg Airport will not allow checked baggage with shoulder straps and the airport booths that shrink wrap strapped luggage don't do it for free!

Edit: A good PH will always bring along a backup gun for client in case client's craps out (and mine did). For example, last trip when we were after buffalo and antelope, he brought a 30-06 CZ from the lodge as an alternate for my Springfield, his .375 CZ for me to hunt buff, and his 458 Lott CZ to back me up for everything. When we finished buffalo and went south for plains game, he put away the two big guns and backed me up with his 270 WSM which he let me use for long shots (+350 meters).
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Aug 4, 2019
Thanks Randi; I’m pretty well stuck on #1s. I do like doubles however. Will file the paper work when it arrives.
in the round file ? ;)

The No 1s are pretty sweet rifles, as you know. You also have a double, or did. We have two no 1s and love them. I am told that Ruger has no plans to make the number 1 in the 300 H & H at this time. And as of this moment my grandfather has not found one for you to look at, but he will keep looking. Also, as you know Guy has one but he probably wont sell it. You have been there and know what you want when you go back and you will know whether or not your going to hunt Buffalo before you leave and if so you have rifles that are up to that task.

When you go back do you plan on going to a different country ?

You sure had a successful hunt, wow!


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Nov 12, 2019
Yes, a 577 NE.; I have a 375 and a fast 338 to fill in the gaps. Looking at a 416 Rigby currently, just because. The 300 H&H shows up from time to time on Gunbroker and Guns International; I’ll just be patient.

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