Advice on Maven C.3 12x50 demo


New member
May 2, 2019
Hey guys and gals, I'm looking at getting a pair of mid-range binos and narrowed it down to Maven C-series from their great reviews and price point. So this week I got in the demo pair of C.3 12x50 and got to trying them. First off these things are sharp! I compared them to a set of Vortex diamondbacks and the Mavens are a serious step up. The issue is my demo binos have a blatant amount of blue-yellow chromatic aberration. The fringing is so bad that when you look at any backlit object it looks almost like one of those old school 3-D photos that you use the red-blue glasses to correct. I noticed that the chromatic aberration is worse in the right tube but the left tube is not without it either. My question is, what should I do? Return and request a different demo? Should I expect this amount of CA in sub $500 glass? I really wanted to like these guys so I'm wondering if I somehow got a dud.