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ADeers Days(or how opeing day went for me)


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Feb 8, 2001
Milford Center, Ohio ,USA
Gee how do you start a good hunting story! I know tell the truth. So here we go.
I got up at about 4 dark thirty this morning, knowing it was the first day of Ohio gun season was the reason for getting up and going as soon as I could. My loving wife made sure I had plenty of coffee and space to get started getting my things ready for the hunt. Not that I have to go far, I hunt right here on the farm. So I drink another cup of coffee thinking about how to get all this stuff on and still be able to not make much noise as I slip thought the woods. I get most of the stuff on and think I must look like I did in the service years ago. I head to mirror to take a look, OMG I look more like an over weight Yogi bear than a 20-year-old kid does does still in the Army. I swear I had more hair than that also. Oh well back to hunting or getting things ready to head out. I head out to the barn and start to get the Honda four wheeler out to take back to the far field. Darn, it has two low tires. Oh no problem, I will just pump them up. I look for about 15 minutes for the tire gauge slash filler end, that should have been on the airline to start with. Ok, that is fixed. No problem still dark, and time for the last cup of coffee.
I head out to the back fields and look back at the big picture window and see my two grandkids eating cold breakfast food and the two Labs thinking they should be going hunting too. I take one last look back over my shoulder in time to see one of the dogs jumping at the window and spilling food all over the kids and the window. Good maybe they will not be able to see me as good and know where I am headed.
I get down to the end of the first field and start down to the small creek that runs though the farm, did I forget to mention it rained about 1 and 1/2 inch Saturday. Now it is about 34 degrees and there is a heavy fog coming off the small stream. I have crossed this stream about every day I am out doing something and know it like the back of my hand, so no worry about where I am or what to do. I go out a bit farther into the water; darn this is awfully high! Darn, I forgot about all that rain, it has come to me a bit late. Making a left there should be a sandbar just about here. Darn the four wheeler is starting to float, first time I wanted more weight! I lean forward and get the front tires to grab just enough to lurch me forward to semi solid ground. I have not floated that far down stream, and only one leg is wet. So I get back onto the far bank and see that fog will be bad where I had planned to hunt. I decide to head on a bit farther up to a line of big Oaks that are on a break in the land from high ground to the lower flood plane. Ah I make it with no problem, see I still know where everything is on the farm. I park the Honda in the line of big Oaks and scrub trees and brush and find a nice big limb to lean on or take a sit if needed later. Darn that fog is getting worst. The Sun starts to break in the East and I am ready. I can see I was right the fog is covering the ground near the creek, I made one right choice. Boy is it going to be a great day, starting out a bit could and wet but that will be about all that can go wrong. Darn that chill on my wet leg is having its effect; I need to get rid of some of that coffee. I only stumble a time or time coming in and out of the tree line and get back to my limb in short time. The Sun is coming up strong now, Oh Oh I am right in the middle of about 480 ac, of black plowed ground and there is a slight frost on the lower parts just below me. Darn here it comes a ground fog to beat all ground fogs! It only gets worst as the sun tries to rise higher in the winter sky. Did I mention the fog is still getting worst? I cannot see the four wheeler and it should be only parked about 4 paces away. My attention is snapped back to hunting instead of small details like not being able to see past my hand. There is shooting all around me, or it sounds like it! I wonder why there is some one shooting on my place, the only one who has permission is my best friend and he is working today, we were to hunt this coming Saturday. SO who is hunting on my farm. I hear traffic noises also, I know I am over a half mile from the road, I hear some one over on the gravel lot at the next farm over. The sound is just carrying real strange in the heavy fog. But with all this shooting, they must be moving deer all over! I wish I could see some of them. I sit there till about 11 am and things start to clear up. Not a thing is sight, I wait it out a bit more and start to remember those 2 poor labs laying on there backs with there legs crossed trying not to soil my loving wives carpet! Oh well nothing moving, I start to head back, one more stop to get rid of more coffee. I have to cross that creek again, this time I can see and I kind of missed my crossing point, I could swear some one must have dug a hole, just to see me float down to the Ohio River. I make a mental note to try to listen up at the local coffee shop to see if any one has a snicker over that and can trap them. I know I could not have missed my crossing point that bad! I make it back with no problems at all, it is a wonder what daylight can do for your vision, and no fog. I make it back to the house just in time, the dogs are ringing the bell like crazy in the house! Did I mention, they are trained to ring this bell by the front door when they want out! I run for the front door and let them out, Darn a trap, they saw me coming out the window and were just laying for me to let them out so they could mug me, and they did a fair job of doing that also! After picking myself back up off the ground and seeing nothing broke or missing, I play with the dogs for a bit and take them back in the house. I give them a bone and find out the loving mop squeezer has made a new pot of coffee before she left and it is still hot! Taking a quick look all thought the house, I find out all is well and dandy. I get myself a fresh cup of coffee and head out tot the back porch and take a seat! I lean back and am enjoying the coffee, when the buck I have been watching all fall take a stroll right behind my house in the tree line. You know some times you have to laugh at yourself and things that go wrong as well as right. I never would have thought he would still be there after we sighted in the shotguns and pistols yesterday. Goes to show you I guess. I look back at things and know I have had a good day so far, Just a little wet, got lost on my own farm and could not see 20 feet in any direction for 4 hours! Gee I had fun, and you know what, I would not change a thing! I am glad for it all and having the time to enjoy it!
Mike Murphy
Sounds like you had a great morning, Mike!

Thanks for posting the story!

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