PC Mechanic,

Before you go spend the money on the BAR, you might think twice. Most people out here, that I hunt with, are Bolt action only, with the occasional oddball with a Ruger #1. The main reason is accuracy, and I think the second reason is reliability.

Where I Elk hunt, I end up falling down in shale, in snow, and other unplesant things. My body and my gun is beat up, and somewhat plugged up (the gun
). So the simplicity of a bolt is worth something.

The advantages of a BAR are not needed for Elk hunting, as we rarely are flinging multiple shots, quickly. Many times, if you miss an Elk, from 300 yards, he doesn't know where you are, so he will stand there, for your second shot to be a good one. Others will have other opinions, but just something for you to think about.
Most people out here, that I hunt with, are Bolt action only, with the occasional oddball with a Ruger #1.

Why you calling me an oddball?

I happen to like the #1 and I have two of them. All the rest are bolts though. One of them I have not taken anything with as of yet, but I hope to Christen it this year.

I am thinking that PC is looking for a good excuse, I mean reason, to get yet another rifle.
All input appreciated.Mostly I'm partial to the BAR for 3 reasons.

1.I hate bolt action rifles,hadn't found one yet that I really liked,the last one was a Ruger model 77 in .308,and I made up my mind to never buy another. I traded that rough action gun for a brand new Sig Sauer Mauser in .45Cal,which is a real nice pistol.I think I got the better end of the deal,though the sporting goods store I buy and trade at thinks they did,so we're both happy.

2.I forgot to say BAR with the BOSS system,which is fantastic if you've ever used it.

3.While I rarely take multiple shots at anything with a rifle,I either miss it,kill it,or it runs off [ once in awhile it'll stand like you mentioned]I like having the rapid availability because of the one in a million chance encounter with dangerous game.
When I hunt with my single shot encore in the real wilderness here, I usually take a bit of insurance with me, if you know what I mean...
Nah, it ain't the grizzes I'm worried about, I got drunk one night and raped one of them by accident,got all mixed up about the initiation ritual for a hunting club I was joining.Never did join,eskimo women are hard to find,and none o' them want to wrassle.

And you are right,I am wanting to get me another BAR,this makes a good excuse.Any of you guys ever shot a BAR with the BOSS system,one that's been tuned with it already ? Pretty awesome, and no recoil whatever.
Nope, can't say as I have ever used a BAR with or without the BOSS. My 7mm mag has the BOSS on it and I love it. That is the only rifle I own with anything on it.
Is that the Ruger # 1 you were talking about,your 7mm, and Browning sells the BOSS system separate ?
The only bolt action I came close to really liking was a Brwoning A-Bolt meddalion I had in .300 Win Mag.
First off, ya might want to bring a littel extra money, cause when eastern whitetail hunters see there first wild elk, most of em need to go in to town and hit the laundrymat to wash out there soiled shorts.

Second off, these aint no dinky white assed deer, bring a real gun and be ready to shoot it. Other wise, that bull elk might just knock ya down and have his way with ya.
( .45 cal muzzeloader,really ? I didn't know they made em that small, is it a target gun ?)

Third, bout your camping gear, remember it acually gets cold in the REAL mountains some times - just warning ya !


Don't feel bad about your buddies, the're just cowering in fear everytime they even think about elk, just tell em your going deer hunting. ( but don't mention MULEDEER, that might scare em too )

Just kidding, come on out & whak an elk, there mighty tasty.
More information for the predation hunts wont be out til about July I believe. You can apply for them at that time. Below is a link to the Wyoming Game & Fish Website for the Non-Res information and applications.


The information for it is on page 11
Tha map of the areas is on page 34 & 35

Some of the tags will be available over the counter for everyone. Last year they barely sold them all and the year before last there were over a hundred left over for area 79.
Yep, this is a very good place to get a feel for elk hunting, it is not the hard core type that a few of us do, but you will get to see lots and lots of them, you get a good chance of getting one, you get to see some very rugged country with out actually going into it, and you get to meet up with a lot of good guy's off the board...

Hope you can make it this year!!!
Since I'll be bringinmg my own tent,and possibly 3 buddies and a grandson, would one of you boys be willing to show us the ropes,since we know absolutrely nothing about it,where to go,etc. ?
PC Mech:

I have taken 24 elk since 1978 using a Remington 700ADL 30-06. I started using 150 grain BTSP and switched to Federal High Energy 180 grain Nosler Partitions. Your .308 will work fine. So will .270, 7mm mag, .300 win mag, and anything else in that mid-range size. Most of my shots have been at less than 200 yards with a few exceptions that have been longer.

I would steer away from a semi-auto action. If you are dead set against a bolt action then maybe consider a BLR.

The country that I hunt is similar to the pictures posted by Elkhunter.

For the most part, CWD is limited to a few game management units on the Colorado/Wyoming border and mostly east of the Continental Divide. The Division of Wildlife has been conducting a more extensive testing program in the last couple of years and they have discovered CWD in a few isolated soituations elsewhere. Generaly it's not a problem if you avoid the infected areas and if the animal looks healthy.

Anaconda is right on. Bring a little more money for more things than just laundry. Make sure that your camping gear is capable of holding up to some snow and winds and make sure your sleeping bags are rated to at least -20 degrees. Don't forget the ground pads.

My old web page has some info that might be useful.

Thanks KC,maybe I'll see you in Colorado sometime.I have 2 tents, a 15 x 18 wall tent by Beckel canvas, and a 10 man Artic army tent that's waterproofed,etc.I also have a woodstove,a Propane heater that puts out 40,000BTU,and a smaller propane heater as well.Cots,etc.

Does it really get so cold that I'd need an artic sleeping bag ? We have been in some below zero weather with howling winds in my Beckel Canvas tent and stayed warm,even when the wood was green and the stove wasn't burning right [ just last year].
A good thing to think about, is the fact that it is not an uncommon thing for the potential temps to be in the minus 20's...

Not guarenteed, but that is not an uncommon thing, and when Elkhunter comes on, he will be able to give you better ideas of the temps in the area at that time of year!!
ok,but them dang artic sleeping bags can tear a big hole in your wallet...maybe all of us West Virginia boys could take turns sitting up talking and keep the place toasty warm
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