A Quick Way To Clean Your Rabbits And Stay Clean!


New member
Dec 23, 2000
Ok Your out on a long rabbit hunt, you might be packing rabbits a few hours be fore you get a chance to clean them so here is a fast and clean way to field dress your rabbits on the hunt! I don't know about you guys but i like to field dress my rabbits as soon as i can to insure good quality tasteing rabbit. Now take your rabbit kill and squeeze tightly just below the ribbs till you get a tight ball built up, now move on down while still squeezeing be sure to hold with both hands nice and tight, you should have a nice butterball with leggs now. Now spread your feet out nice and wide, bring the rabbit up over your head still with a tight grip on him and swing him fast and hard till your elbows hit your leggs and the rabbit and hands continue in motion with a fast pop at the end, If all goes well and it was done correct the rabbits gutts will shoot out it's butt like a dog with the hershey squirts Now just cut the left overs hannging out it's butt and all done! So now when you get home you will have less mess and a better tasting rabbit!
P.S. The first couple times you try this could get messy, nothing like getting slaped in the back with rabbit gutts or racking your self with a dead rabbit, so please be carefull! This is not for the weak of heart or stomachs!