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A Future hog hunt - possibly


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Mar 25, 2001
Northwestern PA
Hi all,

I haven't been around much lately. I have been working on a project that hasn't allowed much free time lately. Hopefully that will change in another 2 weeks.

In any case I see where some of you are going hog huntin. When I got back from the Sheep hunt I was talking to a bunch of hunting friends and I have booked a hog hunt in Texas for Jan, 2003 for 18 of us.

If anyone is interested in a future group hunt I will post the info for all to read. Sorry, but this hunt is all fully booked.

The location is 30 miles south of Uvalde, Texas. The ranch is 3000 acres. They have around 20 blinds set up with feeders at every blind and they are building and adding more this summer. The Lodge has 4 bedrooms - total number of beds are 16 but they have 2 spare beds at the main camp that they bring up to the lodge for larger groups. There are 2 full bathrooms, living room with wide screen TV, Kitchen and dining room, A/C of course. There is a covered back porch that runs the entire length of the back of the lodge.

The hunt I booked is for 2 days. Hunt Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday Morning, Saturday afternoon/evening, Sunday morning. Half of the people will be taken out on Friday night in 2 different vehicles and hunt "Safari Style" (out of the back of the vehicle) using spot lights, the other 1/2 will be taken out Saturday night. The Safari Style hunting is done after everyone is picked up from the blinds. It is legal to hunt hogs 24/7 in Texas. Some of the feeders have spotlights on them so you don't need a flashlight at night. This is a semi-guided hunt in that they take you to the blinds then pick you up. NO walk and stalk hunting for this large a group. Gutting, skinning, quartering, and cold storage is included in the price. Unlimited hogs can be taken per person and is included in the price. All meals are provided as is lodging - again, included in the price. Basically once you arrive everything is included. The only thing anybody would have to bring is any booze for those that drink booze - most of the group I booked don't drink.

The total price per person is $379.00
The license is $35.00 per person and the licenses will be at the lodge when you arrive.

Total cost per person is $414.00
Fully Inclusive. Unlimited hogs.

I hunted this ranch and the food was great - if you like 2lb steaks - which I do,

Nobody walks away from the table hungry, thats for sure.

Just thought I would post in case anybody would be interested in getting together a group - maybe 2004???

Have a good one all,

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Nut:
I would be interested in one if we get enough people from here to go.
I have a few questions tho.
What month would we go?
What is the deposit?
Can I use a 30-06 with a Leoupold scope?

Mid January is a good time to go. I booked the weekend when there is a full moon. Hopefully we will have clear skies as well. Remember, you can hunt all night - if you so desire.

The deposit is 50% of the hunt. Rounded off that is $190.00

As far as IF you can use a "dirty ought 6 and a blurry scope" - I don't know, can you??? :D

Yes, just about anything is legal on a hog in Texas. Only illegal weapons aren't legal to shoot a hog, like an automatic weapon. I think its more productive at night, sleep in the daytime. :cool:

You can use a machine gun on hogs here, or a silencer, or explosives if you have the proper government permits. Hogs are classified non-game, which means if you can think of an exotic way to kill em, you can have at it. I've done mine with:Rifle, shotgun, pistol, bow, knife, highway reflector pole, maglight, and a truck. The guy I work with drowned a 200lb boar hog when his house dogs bayed it and he didn't have a gun or knife along.
Unbelievable, drowned a 200lb boar, how do you do that?

The only catch is that although the state allows different methods, the state requires that the landowner give permission also. Some landowners have restrictions, like bow only, no night hunting. I think Nut was asking Shaky about that. Hopefully, Shaky will answer. The state law allows about anything with landowner permission.

You're in Devine, we're just a few miles apart!!
Drowning a 200lb boar hog 101---

*Don't ever try this at home*

He snuck up behind the whooly bugger by taking off his shoes and wading out about neck deep in a stock tank the hog was in. The hog was facing the dogs on the bank in water about belly deep. He just eased up, grabbed him by the hind legs and drug him out to deeper water, then forced him under. I wasn't there to witness it but his dad was and said it was about the funniest damn thing he had ever seen, didn't know who was winning for a little bit.

Hogs and water is normally trouble, I about got my butt ate in the Cat creek one night by a 200lb boar hog that had run from the dogs for four hours. Buddy shot him in the head with a 30/30 and I went to get him out of the water, when the sob came to life and came after me, they shot 11 times the last few times when he was about 5 feet away. I couldn't hear nothing for a couple days, but I didn't get my guts cut out which was what was gonna happen.

We talked before Tom when Moosie first opened this place. I drifted away and forgot it was here. If I remember right you hunted not to far from where I work all the time(Poth, McCoy). What do you do for a living?
Shakey... you said "I hunted this ranch and the food was great".. I remember that post and will have to sift through others to find it.. help remind me though, DIDn't you come away empty handed ? but your buddy got one.. or something like that ?

HOW long did you sit the stands and how many hogs did ya see ?
Right, I used to hunt hogs by McCoy. It was great, I should go back there this summer if I can. That's pretty nuts, drowning a hog like that, whew! I thought maybe the dogs had it and he pushed the head under. Geese, going out into the water like that. I don't recommend that stuff, they tear people and dogs up, you must have seen that. I'm not that crazy, I figure if I got cut up, I couldn't hunt for a couple of weeks at the least. He stalked a hog in the water and drowned it, wow. The dogs would not even go in there. Unbelievable, man, wow. That's a good story!! A 200 lb hog with water, that's got to be a record of some kind.

Same guy has pulled some other good ones. One day, he was checking cattle and the house dogs bailed off the truck and took off after a hog. He jumped out and looked for a weapon to kill it with, all he found was some baling wire. The dogs bayed and he took off after them, he had to sneak up behind the hog using a persimon tree for cover and snagged the back legs, then baling wired him to the tree and drove 6 miles back to the house to get a gun.

Had another buddy after a four mile run after the dogs, he caught up to the hog in a peanut patch and caught the dang thing by the tail. When he was asked why he did it, he said, "I wasn't gonna run another damn step."

I've never had as much fun hunting anything as I have hogs. This time of year stalking water sources, its always up close and personal. I actually have a new scope on the way, a 1.5-5x, my 3-9x is hard to find a hogs head in at ten feet or so. I'm thinking about mounting it on a 12 gauge and using slugs. I love slugs on hogs, it makes a bloodtrail like nothing else. I tried a .45/70 last summer with some heavy handloads, 59lbs of recoil, it didn't kill em any faster and it really whalloped me. I even looked at a .375 to use on hogs, went to buy it and they had sold it, not to an African hunter, but to a hog hunter.
That's awesome. It really sounds good, the slugs on hogs. I could get a rifled barrel for my shotgun, it would be great to have a blood trail. You could put the hog light on the scope and a laser sight on the barrel too if you wanted.

The biggest hog I ever got was with buckshot and a flashlight taped on my shotgun to see it and aim in the dark.

That guy is a hog hunter for sure. I thought you were going to say he stangled it with the bailing wire. I think I'd rather get a gun too. I bet he has a gun in the truck all the time now or maybe he just likes doing it that way? :D :D

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