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Before you can have a pet, you have to tame the creature. I don't know that anyone has ever managed to tame that monster. I know that Hodgdon H-50 works very well with the really heavy bullets, like the Hammerhead, but I've never loaded any. IMR 7828 works for the Nosler 250 grain Partition. That load was 102.3 grains Fed 215 primer. The velocity was 3116 avg. for a five shot group. The recovery time was about 10 days. Using the 210 grain partition, we loaded 107.5 grains with the FED 215 primer and got 3416 fps and a 1/2" group. Be very careful loading this round. Case length is critical. If you are not shooting a Weatherby rifle with the 1/4" freebore, I recommend that you measure every case, after full length sizing, at every loading. Be careful of max pressures. There is not much room for error. Dan AZ
My hunting partner, George, is in the process of having a rifle built for this round on a German Weatherby Mauser action (pre-Mark V). I think I'm gonna wimp out on shooting this beast. I may try it once, even with it being Magna-ported. My non-ported 300 Weatherby is about the max for me. Good luck with this monster!!! You won't catch me shooting it off the bench!
CH, Does your friend George have one of the old square bridge Mausers? Those are beautiful actions. Wish I had that and he had a wart on his butt.

Dan AZ
Dan - I haven't seen the action yet, and probably won't get a chance to until it is done. I'll let you know, though, if it's a square bridge when I see it. Merry Christmas!
Elkman, I load 105gr Reloader 25 behind a 300 gr Sierra Match King. Velocity is 2956 fps. The gun has a BAT action with a Krieger 1 in 10 twist barrel. McMillan stock and shoots this load incredible. Three shot groups are .137" to .240. Dont worry about the hollow point. That is 300 grains of fury. I shot an elk this last fall at 873 yards and with the angle the elk was standing I had to shoot in front of the right rear hip. The bullet broke the ball joint and traveled up through the lungs and broke the 3rd rib on the far side. The bull dropped like a rock. The enegery at 800 yards is somewhere around 3000 pounds. So far the bulls have been 615 yards 715, 750, 850 and 873. All have been one shot kills and all have practically flipped off their feet. Overall length of my round is 4.1", but this gun was chambered for that particular bullet. you might have to seat your bullet in a little. I have a muzzle brake and it kicks like a 270. When you are out hunting, the muzzle blast is not bad at all. Wear hearing protectors at the range though.
Had one of these critters about 10 years ago. It was built on the BBK02 action and had a 26" Lilja SS barrel. Brent Clifton synthetic stock with the built-in bipod. My favorite load was 115 grains of H1000 under the Nosler 250. This load was doing 3153 FPS.


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