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Jan 5, 2001
Omaha, NE usa
My buds came out empty handed-guess it snowed and rained a bunch--wolves howling almost every nite--they saw elk, but only got a couple of shots off--they couldn't find any sign of a hit--

pahunter--stopped in and chatted I hear--but his crew ended packing out due to the weather--guess a few guys did the same--

could be an interesting hunt for me and my bro--chris
Shoot after Monday night the weather got up into the 80's during the days. I was hunting in 36-a and the weather I felt got to hot for them. But it did rain and snow on 18th 19th and 20th.
Yep, we got blanked. Hunted 5 days out of the truck camp. Heard the wolves, too. Saw a coupla cows in a hurry, one cow moose, a few mule does. Cold & WET! Just about every morning & evening either snow, rain, or fog, so couldn't do much glassing, and bulls weren't talkin where we could hear em. Other than no critters, a good trip though; nothing broke, and the sheriff's deputy just gave me a warning instead of ticketing me on the way thru Cascade :D Oh well, I guess I'll have to content myself with stackin up the whities back east here (archery starts on Sat :cool: )
so you didn't totally leave just packed to another spot--

my buds had to ride another couple of miles to get into the elk from their camp--looks like I'll be hoofing it in deep--chris
I was in elk every day except those days I specified. The bulls would just round up there cows and move them even when I just used a cow call with them. I almost had some cows come in but the bull was pretty mean to get them back to him and up the hill they went.
Talk to a friend in Northern Idaho and he got cows away from the smaller bulls and he said to his knowledge that he feels the cows are starting to chose which bulls will breed them. Thats what i was kinda feeling in where I was hunting.
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