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2 way radios


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Mar 28, 2001
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What do you have and your thoughts about them.

I am also going to be shopping for 4 of them to use for the family. I will mainly use them in hilly part of SE Ohio. I would like a decent range for use since I do not want to be in each others lap. ;)

So any recommendations?
Mixed feelings on them.....

I have two sets, each are the Motorola 2-mile type. And each are great, work fine, and much better than the "off brands".

But, when I sling my big binoculars around my neck, hang a GPS around my neck, clip on a radio, and then get around to my boots, I kind of wonder if I am too dependent on "gadgets" and missing some of the simpler joys of hunting.
I, too, have radios from Motorola. I have two of the T6300 series 2-mile radius units. I've never had any problems with mine to speak of. I have found that when hunting with others who have the "lesser" models that is has been quite a headache because they can only receive messages or only transmit when on certain channels. And the damned "roger" that they can't turn off makes me just want to scream when all you hear is the ring tone and not the person talking.

There are a lot of good units out there. Some have 5-mile reception but I have heard you also have to get an FCC license to run them and be 'legal'.
Nut.. Have you looked into the Garmin Rhino series ? They are the radio/gps unit all in one and still have kept the size to a minimun. I was looking at them 2 yrs ago when they first came out and I was in the market for a gps. I heard they had a bit of problem with the radio end at first but have worked it out. the cool thing about them is you cam beem your partner as long as he has a rhino unit also and you get his position on your screen. I wanted to get them as I take my son with me and I could keep him under my wing a bit that way. Very handy unit might have a look into them at least the radio range is also in the 2mile range also. Good luck.
Don't own a set yet. I plan on getting a set. The more I hunt with youngsters and oldsters, I see that I need to stay in contact with them.

Moosie and I were hunting once and darkness fell on me hard. I was a wee bit disoriented and moose man talked me back to camp. What a guy.
I have 4 sets of these things, 1st set is a motorola,in the .5 watts range, IE: 2 mile range, they work good but you cant turn of the roger beep, 2nd set I bought a cheaper pair of uniden 2 watts of power they claim a 5 mile range, and the reception is defenately better with a 2 watt radio, I took both sets out and you could talk about another mile out with a full 2 watts of power in the heavy timber I was in, I paid about 40 bucks for the set. 3rd set I bought, I wanted to get a set with out the roger beep and with a charger with nicad batteries, so I bought set of Cobras , that you could turn of roger beep they are great,but the reception is the same as the other 2 watt radio, then for Christmas Mom kicked me down a new set of 5 mile motorolas with charger etc ear plugs, but cant shut of roger beep.But The key this is get a full 2 watts of power and ones that you can shut of the roger beep, Its the amout of power not the name brand, the 3 brands I own are all good radios.
BuckTrack, I have the Motorola 5410 and the Roger Beep turns off. I haven't seen a motorola yet that the roger beep won't turn off on. Guys I hunt with wouldn't put up with that infernal BEEPING. Recheck your manual.
We recently bought some Rhino's and have found that the radio end of it really sucks. Seems like 300 yards and the reception gets pretty crappy. The GPS part of the system works great..
Nowdays, you can pick up a number of different radios that are very inexpensive. We bought a couple of the really small radios for the kids to play with, and they work so well that we have taken them from the kids and we use them instead of the Rhinos... They are so small that you don't notice them around your neck, but they would be really easy to loose, but at the price we paid, it's really not a great loss or too hard to replace them...