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12:30 AM Sunday...

THANX LBG.. Dang that was a short nite !~!~!

Anyways, If nothing else, I'll see one turkey ..Mr Wylee :D :D

Welp, I'm all dressed up and somewere ta go......
Oscar-Hope ya find a turkey. Our bears are not out yet, you guys must live in a bananna belt! :D :D :D bcat
Well.. It's time for Bed, I am Going to Meet Wylee in the AM for a Quick Turkey chase then Off to Check the Bait status....

We haven't checked them Since Tuesday.... Any bets on the Status ?~?~? :D :D
MAster.... BAiter... Unfortunately not yet...
I have heard that some sites re being hit but they have been in those spots for a longer time. I still have Snow in my area... So I will paciently wait for another week....

It is still early but I sure wish I would have gotten some hits

It all depends if ya brought in secret
weapon to the bait site. :D :D Hope ya score
big time. I know your putting in alot of time,not to mention a man size gas bill. :D
Go get yourself a MONSTER!!!!!!
Ya saw one Turkey indeed. Good thing it's still early in the season, or we would have to get serious. :rolleyes:

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