In this Episode of the “Reaching Your Peak” mini-series, (Episode #9), we have another story/lesson from Corey Jacobsen.

And by popular demand, Randy joins Corey once again, as Corey shares the story of an unforgettable Idaho archery elk hunt from 2007.

The hunt was brutal, and it came down to the last day, when Corey decided to go deep in search of elk. In fact, he ended up 7 miles from the truck before encountering an elk, an encounter that he rushed and messed up. Defeated, he hangs his head and starts the long, painful hike back to the truck…

“Reaching Your Peak” will be published every other week, to fill in the gap between regular ElkTalk Podcast episodes, from now until the first part of October. In this new mini-series, Corey will be sharing stories from his past elk hunts, and then detailing a strategy or tactic that was instrumental in the success of that hunt.

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