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In this episode (#129) of Elk Talk Podcast Randy and Corey are taking a lot of viewer questions. Topics covered include their season […]
This week, for our deeper dive, we’re talking about a new research project on Chronic Wasting Disease in Wyoming and […]
Corey and Randy are at the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky Montana. Corey and the best elk callers in […]
This week, we’re discussing how you might be a jerk on public lands and not even realize it. A few […]
Randy is joined by Gaspar Perricone, hunter, strategist, former Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commissioner, and influential member of Colorado Wildlife […]
This week, we discuss how Colorado might shift away from over-the-counter opportunities for non-resident archery elk hunting. In Texas, the […]
Corey and Randy host Dustin Diefenderfer of MTN TOUGH. Topics covered include Dustin’s hunting passions, archery elk hunting, the “packout […]
This week, we discussed some potential conflicts of interest within Fish and Wildlife commissions and how certain individuals could directly […]
In this episode (#126) of Elk Talk Podcast, Corey and Randy are taking up the discussion after a weekend with […]
This week, we are talking about Wild Horses in the West. They’ve been overpopulated on public lands for years… but […]
Randy Newberg TAKEOVER!  Marcus and Michael are busy catching Walleye and Smallmouth so Randy stepped in to deliver this week’s […]
Corey and Randy share the mic with Charlie Decker, one of four co-founders of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Recorded […]
Randy shares a mic with Rachelle Schrute. The discussion starts with their stories of advocacy burnout, what causes it, and […]
This week, we are talking about the overall decline of wildlife, shifting baselines, and the biggest factors that affect long-term […]
This week we’re discussing a news series we’re creating to become a better shot with a rifle but also how […]
Randy shares the mic with Tim Sakai and Alex Rich of Mystery Ranch. Topics covered include some elk hunting stories, […]
Corey and Randy explore many off-season topics related to elk hunting information, various state deadlines, money generated by point schemes, […]
This week, we’re discussing what creates hunting culture and how it changes over time and by region. This week, we […]
This week we’re talking about how there’s a potential threat to the public’s ownership of fish and wildlife as the […]
In this episode of Leupold’s Hunt Talk Radio, Randy visits with Ashley Nichole Lewis, a well know angler, guide, historian, […]