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    Montana nonresident spring turkey and black bear hunting suspended

    So they want us to hole up in a hotel for 14 days with food being delivered to us, but not go into the woods for fear of contamination. Yet they are still selling non res tags???
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    Montana nonresident spring turkey and black bear hunting suspended

    So can we go to Montana and hunt if we stay in the hills and only come out for fuel? I’m as confused as a transgender
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    swaro 10x42EL $1200

    selling my swarovski 10x42EL's with a outdoorsmans bino stud. They are 8-9yrs old. I sent them in to swaro for service/cleaning 5yrs ago.
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    Drew Kuiu island!

    Thanks guys
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    Drew Kuiu island!

    Me and my partner drew black bear tags for kuiu island in 2021! super excited about this hunt. The biggest thing i am undecided about are what dates to go? I Have found a transporter and boat rental. Not certain on a exact area yet but have a lot of pins dropped on onx. Planning on upgrading to...
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    Truck Topper: Leer vs A.R.E.

    Looking at getting one this spring. Never thought i would have one. Always seemed like a old guy thing. But traveling so much now shooting competitively and traveling hunting a lot it sure would be handy to have everything sealed up in the back and not worry about someone stealing something as easy.
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    decker fire unit 82/86 salida area

    How is the decker fire going to affect the deer hunting in the units? With the northern 1/3 of the unit being completely closed and that being where i had focused most of my aerial scouting and planning this has really hurt my plans!
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    coyote hunting in central or western nebraska? dakotas?

    Being a avid coyote hunter I am really wanting to make a trip "out west" for coyotes. There is not much for public lands in these states and what there is a guy could burn through calling in a few hours, with hours between spots. Has anyone Had much luck asking for permission? Around here you...
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    Where to buy plastic newspaper tubes..

    I was thinking trapper and predator caller magazine had ads for them. less than $10 each. seems like $6? one of the trapping publications had them
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    having went to montana last fall for the first time it was not quite what i had in mind but turned out to be a great hunt. I am about as much of a walker and grass is always greener over the next ridge type of guy. but i found that hiking was a waste of time. the good bucks are too spread out...
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    First Black Bear

    great adventure
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    “Long range”/ smokeless muzzleloaders

    i have 2 smokeless now. a 50 and 45. the 45 without sabots and using the aluminum tipped (can't remember name) is a phenomal shooter. and drops deer like the hammer of thor. the 50 still uses sabots and barnes 300 original and shoots good to 250 but the inconsistency of sabots starts to show...
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    SE Ak bear hunt dates?

    planning my south east alaska black bear hunt. To those that have done this hunt what do you think is the right date window to go? Early May to catch first green up? Mid May for more bears out? Late May for better weather? Early June for the rut? Those that have hunted POW did you find more of...
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    co deer 82 3rd rifle

    Yeah having no foothills or any sort of gradual climb is very intimidating. Historical november temps are 40-15 average in the valley. Not sure how brisk that will be at 10-11k It looks like there are trails to get around on BLM to access different drainages with most of them having a hiking...
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    co deer 82 3rd rifle

    well i have 6 points and my friend has 2 and it has traditionally been drawn 50% with 1 point. I really wanted to hunt 80/81 but he couldn't be certain to draw a tag. We will go regardless with him buying a elk tag. The sheer size of the unit and the way it rises out of flat nothing to 5k' is a...