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    Wyoming Area 15

    Another vote for a KOA. I stayed at the one in Buffalo last fall, so a bit south of Sheridan. Stayed in one of their basic cabins, no plumbing or anything. I would do it again. The staff was kind. But keep in mind, some KOAs close for the season near the end of Oct. I think the one in...
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    Idaho Moose/Sheep/Goat Draw Results Thread

    They’re up. I struck out.
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    If you could draw one

    Fingers crossed for Idaho bull moose. Also doing OTC Caribou in AK in Aug, assuming travel is an option by then.
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    What are your 2020 plans?

    A pay raise, and too many points? You’ve got a hard life. :cool:
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    Kimber K6S

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    Outdoor Vision bino harness?

    I run the Outdoor Vision Ridgetop, as well as their rangefinder pouch. Like them a lot. Can’t think of anything I would change about them.
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    The Ruger Project

    Dang cool project! I’ve been considering building a 280AI from a shot out M70 or M77. Watching to see how this goes.
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    C Bow, these still available?
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    Kimber K6S

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    This has Rob Shaul all over it. I’m not going to post a link and give him more web traffic, but he’s a wealthy dude out of Jackson who believes there should be less NR opportunity in WY, and that the loss of revenue should be paid for by those same NRs (ironic for someone from Jackson, and...
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    Gear Prep for Caribou

    Thanks a ton for all the info. Really looking forward to the trip.
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    Gear Prep for Caribou

    Yeah, tracking that the season can be quick, though I'm not positive which zone he has in mind. Taking a black bear on the caribou tag is an interesting thought, and one I would consider. Do the two normally hang out in the same type of landscapes in that part of Alaska? Any tips for...
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    Kimber K6S