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    Idaho Draw Results 2022

    No sheep for me
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    Idaho 2021 Moose, Sheep, Mtn Goat regs out

    Check your in boxes, I just received my unsuccessful notice again 😡
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    King Eiders?

    Awesome photos and video. That's a bucket list hunt for me. When my kid's are finished with college, look out St. Paul island, here I come.
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    Arizona Gould's

    That's just not right. I've been in the pot for both and haven't drawn. Some people are definately more lucky than others.
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    Idaho moose, sheep, goat draw

    Another year with no sheep tag. Dang it.
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    Idaho Mule Deer

    Big steep rocky country. Start your training plan now. Deer or not I’m sure you will enjoy the experience. Some the most beautiful country in the northwest.
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    Let us through! Canada won't allow SE AK hunters over the border to access interior subsistence activities

    So in a nutshell you’re saying countries have the right to control their borders? I guess I tend to agree. Maybe the US should adopt the same policy.
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    Elk Idaho

    If my kid had this tag they would definitely be missing some school.😁
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    Odd Deer Herd

    I will admit hybrids are rare, but they do happen. I also will agree that there are diffierences in pelage geopgraphically and from among individuals. There are only a few scientific methods to determine a true hybrid. This isn't the greatest pic either, but comparing the ears to the mule deer...
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    sheep rifle input

    Probably an even better reason to upgrade your scope as well.
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    Odd Deer Herd

    Awful dark on the backside of that tail for most whitetails. Also the head/ears don't really look 100% whitetail, could be a hybrid.
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    Mule deer in unit 42 idaho

    Hike away from the roads and glass. If you haven’t been able to find a forkie in seven years you need to change your strategy or your unit.
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    AK Sitka Blacktail

    Do a boat hunt on Kodiak. You can camp comfortably on the boat and hunt each day. You still have to deal with the bears, but at least you sleep soundly. We hunted off a boat in 2006 and out of the 6 people on the boat my partner and I were the only ones to see a bear. We did have to encourage...
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    Mule Deer - Idaho

    Scott gave some good advice. If you are interested in Mule deer only I would concentrate on the southern half of the state. The further south you go the more open (glassable) country you will find. Some of it will be very steep and some not so much. The easier it is to access the more hunting...
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    Mule Deer - Idaho

    You have not provided enough info to get a good answer. Age, severity of disability, physical capabilities etc. asks vague question and you are going to get no answers or vague answers. Please fill in the blanks.

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