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    Old Man Still Hunting

    I read the subject as Old man 'still hunting' and thought this was going to be all about still hunting, lol. Welcome, and thank you for both your military and civil service.
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    Greetings From Georgia

    Welcome! I would have loved to hunt in Ga since I was 8. I was always jealous of my buddies whose family went across the Florida line to hunt in South Georgia. I had teach myself in adulthood, as hunting was not part of my family life. I hope to change that for my son.
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    New falconer in Northern California

    Beautiful bird! I had always dreamed of getting into falconry but that was to hard of a nut to crack with regs and laws just to keep the birds. If you can do that I know you'll figure out hunting regs. A great resource would be to just call up or go into the front desk of your local fish and...
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    Fresh Tracks Lessons Learned?

    Hi John, just saw your cameo last night on the SE MT deer bonanza! Thank you for your service to our country. Do people just come pouring out of the wood works in Broadus when Randy is in town?
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    Fresh Tracks Lessons Learned?

    Back to back DQ references! I hear Big Finn get chided for that on all the podcasts, but haven't really seen it on Fresh Tracks. Maybe one day we will get a video of one of Randy's epic take downs of a trophy Dilly Bar!
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    Fresh Tracks Lessons Learned?

    My brother flies to Montana from Florida every fall to hunt and we cross our fingers Everytime. No issues yet (knock on wood), and we have entertained him leaving his Western big game gear here, but that's costly to have multiple sets..
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    Fresh Tracks Lessons Learned?

    Hi Everyone, I am just now getting into the last available season of Fresh Tracks on Amazon. I am curious what lessons, tips or tricks have you learned from watching the episodes? Here's my top 3: Hike less, glass more (and invest in a lightweight tripod). Build more fires so you can glass...
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    How'd I get here?

    Thanks everyone, and Randy! Already making connections and solving some problems because of this platform. I really appreciate it.
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    Hello from SD

    OnX is great. I used the gps chip for a bit, but now I am trying to find a way to carry a lightweight power bank because the phone app is that much better. And welcome and thank you for your service!
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    What's your elk rifle and cartridge?

    I took my first two cows with a T/C Venture 7mm-08 using 140 grain particians. Both taken at about 160 yards broadside. I have passed up on two rear quartering shots at 225 and 250 yards on bulls because I didn't have faith in the punch of that combo. This was also my first big game rifle and...
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    How'd I get here?

    It's been a winding path to finally land on Hunt Talk... But I am a self taught elk and deer hunter with the aide of Elk101. Through following Corey Jacobson, I was introduced to Randy through the Elk Talk Podcast. Now, I'm consuming Fresh Tracks like mad. I'm here cause I love to shoot the...
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    New to this site. From Montana

    You don't happen to be related to a Troy that lives down by the Silos. Helena MT and the name Gustovich is too coincidental (I work with Troy).