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    2018 Sheep hunt

    You have a knack for writing up your hunts! You should write a book. You could title it, “Living the Dream.” Congrats on another successful sheep hunt!
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    necessary gear for a successful hunt

    Schaaf, I sent you a pm. Luckymike
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    2015 NV Muley

    Good buck - congratulations! Thanks, for posting the video from the night before.
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    Every once in awhile

    Congrats to all involved - great bull! I especially liked your description of the extended family dynamics as the outing got more intense. I've been there.
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    Elk Odyssey

    Great hunts! And, congratulations on getting such a big beautiful bull in Montana.
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    What would you be thinking?

    You have probably noticed this big guy has a bunch of points on each side. His right antler has 8 inline points. The left antler has a non typical arrangement in the vicinity of his third tine (G-3). He has what could be called a small G-3 up close to his forth tine but he also has a broken...
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    What would you be thinking?

    On opening morning Steve headed up the ridge we agreed might give him a chance to se the big bull and his raghorn buddy out in the open at day break. Turned out that the two had migrated quite a ways to the north and up higher on the mountain from where they had originally been spotted. Steve...
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    My 2015 Wy General Muley

    Beautiful big bucks - congratulations!
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    What would you be thinking?

    This small portion on the bull's antler presented a surprise to us. The previous picture shows the G-4,G-5,G-6,G-7 and tip end of a 54" long mainbeam. We knew that this bull had a huge frame but we didn't see all the extra inline points until after he was down. My son-in-law, Steve, who had...
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    What would you be thinking?

    What would you be thinking if this was the first glimpse you got of the bull you dropped on opening morning of the Montana general season?
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    Wyoming Pronghorn adventures

    Thanks, for posting the blow by blow scouting leading up to the actual hunt. Certainly worked out well for you taking a terrific buck. Great pictures!
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    Montana area 261 mule deer tag

    Great buck!
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    Got "THE" Mount back

    All I can say is, "FANTASTIC!"
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    Not all "spring" rainbow fishing is for spawners

    Made a couple of trips to one of my favorite spots during the first week in May. Caught a few post spawn fish and several "chromers" on chironomids. The bright ones were great fighters and excellent table fare.
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    Spring on the Blackfeet Res

    I Hit the Res a little late this spring. Weather was great but spawning run was a bit far along, making it very difficult to catch fish, even though I could see hundreds.