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    Sirui va-5

    I just verified and the ty-70a is the plate I am using.
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    Professional optics. What would you choose?

    I was just able to look at a friends Pulsar Accolade XP50 two days ago and was absolutely blown away by it. I was able to pick up a small bird in a pine tree at close to 100 yards. A lot depends on your use on deciding between NV vs thermal. Thermal has incredible detection but the NV would be...
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    Did Colorado Break the Elk Bank This Year?

    I can't comment on CO tags as I've never hunted there before but I do feel that resident tags are cheap in many states. For example my resident IN deer combo tag which can be used for any season is $65 for one buck and two does while a NR deer tag is $300+.
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    New Hoosier

    Welcome Bartholomew County here.
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    New Dog Thoughts

    What Brittany said above would be my first choice if you are going to rescue a dog. I would reach out to several breed specific rescues and tell them what you are looking for.
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    Binocular decision.

    I couldn't agree more. I was able to buy like new less than 6 month old Zeiss Conquest 10x42's for just over $700 off ebay.
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    Dual use tripod recommendations

    I am using a Sirui but can't remember the model off the top of my head. Give CameralandNY a call they had excellent pricing that put it close to the $200 mark with a rebate.
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    Looking for Hunting Partner 2020: Northern IN

    You might check into some of the programs the state runs. I heard that North of Lafayette they put on some bird hunts with wild birds not pen raised birds.
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    Building an AR, lower receiver recommendations?

    I would look into Sons of Liberty Gun Works. Their customer service and knowledge of the platform is top notch.
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    WY Preference Points

    Dang I didn't realize that you had to purchase a point if you didn't draw this year. Thankfully I only missed out on one antelope point but based on draw odds next year might be interesting for antelope.
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    First DIY Antelope Hunt Advice

    I really thought that a cow decoy would be of benefit when in WY last fall.
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    How many deer on average do you see per hunting day?

    So far on my small property in central Indiana I have seen roughly 1.5 per day for the 3 days I have hunted. Keep in mind these aren't all day sits.
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    Hearing Protection for waterfowl hunting

    I have been using a molded in ear pair for rifle shooting as the muffs don't allow me to get low enough on a rifle. They worked excellent this fall in Wyoming but I haven't tried them for waterfowl yet.
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    I'm running a Sirui 1204 with a VA-5 head and it seems extremely solid so far. Max height is listed at 62".
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    Longlining into Lake Superior

    Do you guys see any seaducks or old squaw? I've always wanted to try layout hunting.