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    Dual use tripod recommendations

    I am using a Sirui but can't remember the model off the top of my head. Give CameralandNY a call they had excellent pricing that put it close to the $200 mark with a rebate.
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    Looking for Hunting Partner 2020: Northern IN

    You might check into some of the programs the state runs. I heard that North of Lafayette they put on some bird hunts with wild birds not pen raised birds.
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    Building an AR, lower receiver recommendations?

    I would look into Sons of Liberty Gun Works. Their customer service and knowledge of the platform is top notch.
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    WY Preference Points

    Dang I didn't realize that you had to purchase a point if you didn't draw this year. Thankfully I only missed out on one antelope point but based on draw odds next year might be interesting for antelope.
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    First DIY Antelope Hunt Advice

    I really thought that a cow decoy would be of benefit when in WY last fall.
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    How many deer on average do you see per hunting day?

    So far on my small property in central Indiana I have seen roughly 1.5 per day for the 3 days I have hunted. Keep in mind these aren't all day sits.
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    Hearing Protection for waterfowl hunting

    I have been using a molded in ear pair for rifle shooting as the muffs don't allow me to get low enough on a rifle. They worked excellent this fall in Wyoming but I haven't tried them for waterfowl yet.
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    I'm running a Sirui 1204 with a VA-5 head and it seems extremely solid so far. Max height is listed at 62".
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    Longlining into Lake Superior

    Do you guys see any seaducks or old squaw? I've always wanted to try layout hunting.
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    Carrying Duck decoys

    For ducks I use a padded Avery bag that has a hipbelt. I have put 3 dozen full size decoys in it or 4-5dozen teal in it and walked a mile or more to our hunt spot without any issue. For geese I use a beavertail sled with a big cover to hold more decoys. I had 18 bigfeet in it the other night...
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    H1000 WTB anywhere

    Not in Montana but a local reloading store to me could probably ship you some. Contact Bobcat Armament if you fail to find some elsewhere. You might also try RL26 if you can get your hands on some.
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    Evidence of sex question

    We harvested a male fawn this year and decided to take the head so there was no question about proof of sex. When we got checked the warden laughed when we pulled the head out in a ziplock bag and when we said that testicles didn't prove it was a fawn he agreed that we had a point. He said well...
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    WYO NON-Res 1pt

    I hunted a unit this year that you could draw with a single point and had some bucks that I would have shot. If you are looking for trophy class animals maybe save some points up but definitely go hunt does in the meantime.
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    Universal Binocular Tripod Adapter

    I bought the Outdoorsman adapter and love it. It is super simple to use and locks up really solid.
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    Those who use Seekins rings- do you lap them?

    Absolutely DO NOT lap Seekins rings. They are an extremely nice set of rings and need nothing other than properly torqued.